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Actors accused Juan Darts of raping his partner Telma Fardin when he was younger – 12.11.2018

Sitting on the stage of Multitheater, on Corrientes Avenue, actress Thelma Fardín takes a lot of air and breathes deep. Beside him, Sicilianes grinned his hand. Around the same scene, more than fifty creators who make up the teams of Actrices Argentinas are silent. Laura Azurra holds the microphone: "We will start talking, we will not shut up, we understand the power of our voices, and we understand that we are multiplying together," he says. Fardin takes a deep breath.

Azcurra then says: "The Actrices Argentinas College calls for this press conference to accompany the criminal complaint filed in Nicaragua at the State Department's Specialized Combat of Sexual Weapons by our colleague Thelma Fardìn against Juan Darthés.Fardin who shares voices with the actor and Sicily in the ugly duck, crying, among the actresses, on the back of the stage of the theater, Calu Rivero crying.

The lights on the scene, as instructed by the actresses, are completely extinguished. The screen is included: in the video, Fardin tells his complaint. "For nine years I canceled her to continue until I heard that another girl blamed the same person, I went to Nicaragua in 2009 with a very successful childhood program, I was 16, I was a baby 45. One night he kissed his neck I told him he did not, he took my hand, made me touch him and he told me "look at how you put me" which makes me feel his erection in my bed I had a bit I told him that no, I told him that "your children are my age," he does not care, he has come up to me and has penetrated me.

The room remains silent and dark. Fardin's voice continued: "At this point someone knocked at the hotel door and I was able to leave the room." As someone else talks, I can talk today, and when I said it, I found myself surrounded by people taking care of me, "says Fardin in the video. this phrase that Fardin attributes to Darts: "See how we are doing." The lights are on, Farin cries, many of their partners weep, everybody applauds, somebody at the top of the stage yells, "Come on, Telma!" Someone from below cry: "We believe you! We love you! "For the first time since the beginning of the conference, Fardin smiles, and the silence falls apart.

Before the video was shown, several of the artists present had taken the floor to read a joint statement. "According to a recent SAGAI survey, one of the actresses and actors guilds, 66% of the translators claim to have been the victim of some kind of harassment and / or sexual violence in the exercise of the profession: this is the norm rather than" said Annabelle Herubitto. Muriel Santa Ana said, "Before, look at how you put me, we say" look how we put it ". We are strong, united, to your violence and impunity, we are together. "

According to Fardin, when answering some press questions, the complaint was presented last week in Nicaragua. In a dialogue with Clarin, Sabrina Carbibia, a lawyer advising the actress – although the house is followed by lawyers from that country, added: "This type of crime prescribes ten years: the event happened nine years ago." The actress also said that at that time she only told what happened to two calamati, also minors: "They did not have the tools at the time and they are accompanying you today," he said. When asked about who was the roommate, the young actress said, "It was the hotel staff, he did not go into the room and at that moment Juan Darts left me and I was able to leave."

Surrounded by actresses such as Elorona Wesler, Carla Peterson, Juliette Ortega, Cecilia Roth, Lechia Bredce, Dolores Fontsi, Jasmine Stewart, Alejandra Flechner, Nancy Duplia and Mirta Bunnelli, among a few dozen others, Fardin says, "I felt, an internal forum: this is happening today, it mobilized me a lot, it was a very long process. " He also insisted on the importance of having heard other testimony of alleged harassment and abuse by Darts. Callo Rivero, who publicly claimed that the actor accused her of sexual abuse when working together in the Dulce Amore telenoveard, began to cry again.

Actresses Anna Koachi and Natalia Juncus also publicly told about bullying from the actor. In his Facebook account, Coachie writes about Darts: "He throws on me, stops, and he throws me against the wall, kisses me, clenches my tongue, grabs my hand and makes me touch my sex while telling me" you're putting. "This is the same phrase Fardin mentions in his video.

"This is a message not only for other actresses, but for the whole society: we will no longer be silent, we will not continue to be abused," Laura Azcurra said at the beginning, and once again insisted on the acclaimed actresses. They made a noise.

Actress Terma Fardin, a former ugly duckling.

Actress Terma Fardin, a former ugly duckling.

Darts, again in the face of the alleged misuse.

Darts, again in the face of the alleged misuse.

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