Sunday , June 20 2021

Addis is forever the biggest failure of the automotive industry

(ANSA) – Tata Motors will forever say about your small and smart car model nano, with very little commercial success. The end of his production was fixed for one year.

In introducing a new utility model, Mayan Pareek, number one in Tata's automotive branch, has confirmed that the company is not adapting the cheap model to the new safety requirements that will come into force this year.

Nano started 10 years ago as a dream car that will allow Indian families to leave their bikes. Even when it came to market at a price of 100 lax, about 1250 euros, it did not generate enthusiasm among popular classes, while the middle class went into more expensive models.

From Sanand's installer in Gujarat, where Nano was produced for the domestic market, only a few dozen came out in 2018.

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