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Aerolíneas Argentinas: War of the nerves before stopping Monday – 11/23/2018

Nerve War is part of the program in the dispute between Aerolineas Argentinas and aeronautical guilds. The same guilds who today call for a strike for this Monday They urge someone to step on the brakes: o Airlines or at least some of the governmentBy a communique urging the government to impose obligatory reconciliation. "Neither the Company did not demand a compulsory reconciliation, nor the Ministry of Labor and Labor," said the reproach of the trade unionists.

The airline's response slowed down a few hours: at noon, instead of asking for a reconciliation, the company announced that it had suspended all flights this Monday. He urged the guilds: "They do not determine how long the strike will be."

At the Association of Airline Pilots (APLA) they understand that airline president Luis Malvido, He deliberately seeks to reject any opportunity for dialogue to stop and to expose the public opinion. "If they did not want to push it, they would not send suspended telegrams or they would not pay the increase they paid in the middle of a joint discussion," they say.

But in airlines they assure you that there is no double intent in the decision not to seek reconciliation. "We are in a real collapse: the peso has been devalued, the fuel has risen, the price of prices has fallen due to the price war, and we have had to ask for an additional $ 100 million from a zero-deficit government. is happening, "say company spokespersons.

In this game of victimization on both sides, suspicions are also woven for what is being prepared in the other trench. "If airlines rely on this theory "The worse, the better"No one can exclude that he wants to escalate the conflict as a pre-screening of the election campaign. But beware, Pablo Biró is not (Roberto) Baradel. It will not be as easy to connect with Kirchner, "APLA spokespeople added.

Strictly, out of the five guilds of those calling for strike for Monday, the only one identified with Kirchnism is the APA, which unites the ground staff. His owner, Edgardo Lanyu, integrates CTA for Hugo Yaski and plays politically for Christina Kirchner. Another of his allies, Ricardo Curielli, was an employee of Néstor Kirchner, but later condemned both his former boss, Ricardo Jaime, and La Campora's policy at Aerolineneas. His latest public union was with Luis Barriouevo's Blue and White CGT, but Cirielli also had a personal arrival with Hugo Moyano as he was one of the first to support the truck driver when he broke with the official CGT (first time). from the 90s.

Pablo Biro, from APLA, accompanied Mojano in the Lujan mass service in October. Ruben Fernandez (UPSA) also supports Mojano, as well as the only one of the six guilds who have not called for Monday strike: The Argentinian Airlines Association (AAA), whose owner Juan Pablo Bray works with Facundo Moyano and integrates the "small table" The Argentine Transport Confederation (CATT), which called for its own strike for Tuesday: in this case, as a protest against the G20 meeting.

The truth is that airlines are not exactly enthusiastic about the idea of ​​going into the conflict again for the guilds. They say they are forced to become tough because they have lost money. "Malvido did not come to negotiate a dog, just had to take devaluation. Every airline president would like to be like Isela Costantini, who was president when he had the means to increase. Now these funds are over. "

But they also glide with some irony. "Maybe in trade unions that have demanded mandatory reconciliation, more interested in their internal situation, in this activity it is very easy to stop the company, but there is something else to have a good level of traction."

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