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After the de La Sota outburst, Kario returns to Cordoba and starts an election tour – 25.04.2019

Elisa Carrió does not stop. Despite the storm in Cordoba after his conviction of the death of former Governor Jose Manuel de la Sotta, the MP went back to the province this Thursday to face a mini-election tour that will have until next week's tours in support of the candidate for Governor of Cambioenos Mario Negri.

On Tuesday, during an event in Cruz del Eje, Carrio broke out: "Thank God, De La Soto died, As they will know what the signal bearer is, he said, after receiving criticism from all political sectors, he tried to apologize to social networks and defended himself in the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday: "I did not talk badly about Del Soto, because I even knew him, what he's talking about is drug trafficking in Cordoba and everyone is silent and nobody talks.

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In the midst of this noise, Cario landed in Cordoba on ThursdayHe will stay until next week and will have activities every day. One of the first activities will be in Alta Gracia. In this area, Peronism has prompted a project after the controversial word of the deputy chairman I say that the person is not pleasant. It was approved by a majority.

If you have no changes to the agenda, you will have a later tour of Rio Segundo.

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On Friday he generally visited Villa Carlos Pas. Next Monday, the MP is visiting the City of Villa Maria, and on Tuesday, if there are no changes, he will be in Rio Quarto. This city may be a replacement thermometer because of its identification with De la Sota. The former governor has established his residence, and its inhabitants have good memories of his figure.

The election of the governor in Cordoba will be on May 12th and Juan Shihereti is the one who has the most chances to win the election. The current manager of PJ may be re-elected.

Let the changes undergo a strong internal presence in Cordoba and the union is separate with two candidates. On the one hand, radical Mario Negri and, on the other, the current mayor of Córdoba Ramón Mestre, who bears the seal of UCR.

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Although Kambiesemos faces a complicated scenario in the province, he decides to bet on his weight to warm up the campaign. This Friday will also visit the Buenos Aires regional governor, Maria Evgenia Vidal.

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