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After the death of a prisoner they removed the director of the female prison at Boehner

February 26, 2019

It's about Marissa Ale. This was confirmed by Cordoba's Justice Minister Martin Farfan.
Photo: archive of La Voz del Interior.

Bauer's female prison director, Marissa Alele, was removed from his post until it was clear how Janet Lopez died.

The girl's family filed a complaint against the penitentiary authorities because she claims the prisoner was a victim of a crime and denies having committed suicide.

Consulted on the decision to remove Alé, the Minister of Justice and Human Rights in Cordoba, Juan Martin Farfan, Radio Mitre Cordoba: "The idea is to be cautious (…) and justice to investigate in detail what has happened. Once the facts have been clarified, appropriate measures will be taken (…) ".

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For its part, for justice, the basic hypothesis is suicide. Prosecutor Guillermo Gonzalez advances in the investigation.

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