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After the decision of La Rioja in Rosada is afraid of "delivery" of the re-election in opposition provinces – 25.01.2019

The government did not conceal disappointment of the Supreme Court's ruling around the referendum to allow for a change that allows the governor of La Rioja, Sergio Casas, is present for re-election

Opposition protest at the La Rioja Supreme Court.

Opposition protest at the La Rioja Supreme Court.

In formalism, they havetened to warn that the failure of the Supreme Court feels bad precedent this could allow for "re-election" to other governors.

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In Cambio, we compared the vote this Sunday with the experience of Carlos Rovira in Missyons, when in 2006 he called for a referendum on indefinite re-election and loss by Bishop Joaquin Pinya. "The attempt to elect eight governors has been stopped here""They cried.

They also rejected that the executive body should deal with: double stick to judge the experience of the re-election of Governor Rio Negro, Alberto Weretilneck, Sergio Wisky, a macrista reference in this province, compared the two situations and said that at least the people in Rioja have a consultation to choose from. The government has few who would prefer a mandate over Weretilneck to General Roca Mayor Martin Soria.

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However, at the end of the hours, we preferred to make a more optimistic reading of the sentence in Cambio and to emphasize the fact that the Court he did not declare himself incompetent, as in the case of the Santa Cruz and the slogan law. Casa Rosada urged them to win the vote this Sunday to resolve the dispute.

"The ruling of the Court can not be interpreted as a confirmation of Governor Casares' rude intention to re-elevate. The court acknowledges that the decision falls within its original jurisdiction. He agreed that amparo may be appropriate, but most believe it is prematurely, because there was no consolidated case, "said radical lawyer Ricardo Gill Lavedra, who defends the position of the ruling party before the Court.

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Thus, Cambiemos may again appeal to the Court if it has an adverse effect.

Radical Senator Julio Martinez and Peyonis Mayor of Rioja, Alberto Paredes Urcis, who are struggling to be candidates for a change in the elections for governor, were in unison.

"Although the Supreme Court has not led to the amparo, it will act and will be careful and awaits results if the amendment is completed or not. We think it is important the Court's proposal to local justice to ensure transparency"Said the former Defense Minister.

Cambiemos' leadership warned of "Client Apparatus" de Casas and broadcast actors' videos pockets for foodand goods in Chilecito and other places.

He also insists on the impossibility of supporters of the prosecutor's office Count the votes, point out the technical objections to the No bulletins and the factual inability to replace them in the dark room.

No Referee has any expectations that the Riyadh Supreme Court may decide against Casas. "This is addicted justice"they confirmed.

Casa Rosada has been sued victory without prejudice Sunday beyond any legal interpretation. They refer to the controversy that Cambemos raised before the Supreme Court for the interpretation of Article 84 of the Rioja Constitution.

Peronism aims only to count the voices of "No", which he has to add 35% of the model. Change the interpretation of what the votes are for "Yes" those who need to add that percentage.

The decision of the court for La Rioja is another obvious issue that is worrying in Balcarse 50: the loneliness of the President of the Court, Carlos Rosencrantz, who returned to vote with disagreement and wants to make room for the Amaro.

"In fact, he does not succeed again (Horacio) Rosatti, who opens the question by allowing the fair and after the requested Peronist turnsthey have appreciated in the judiciary of the executive.

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