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After two deaths due to tuberculosis in Quilmes say "this is not an outbreak" | chronicle

In Quilmes, two people died because of tuberculosis, they informed sources of the Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires and the above-mentioned location.

She is a 5 year-old student from Espeletta and a 38-year-old woman, a pupil at Elementary School (EP) 43 in Villa La Florida.

Faced with the facts, Miguel Maittegi, Secretary of Health of the abovementioned municipality, denied the existence of an outbreak of tuberculosis in this city and stated that: "You have to give people peace of mind", He added that: t What is happening are the annual cases that exist every year".

According to research sources, Facundo Nicholas Carat Sato, who is 18 years old and attends the Santa Teresita del Niño Jesús School, died of an infection last Monday at the Muñiz hospital where he had been hospitalized since March 26, a situation that has worsened his health,

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In the face of rumors that parents have an anti-vaccination position, both the municipality and the province's ministry can not confirm or deny that the young "BCG has not been applied".

Santa Teresita del Niño Jesús School. (Archive)

However, the Ministry of Health of the municipality explained that "We received a notification of the case on April 3, according to his parents, the first medical consultations were made with a phoelologist in the private sector in March and before the worsening and persistence of the symptoms, he was moved to Munias on the 26th".

In the same way, Maittegui pointed out that they appreciated this "The boy is vaccinated because the BCG vaccine is mandatory during the first month of newborn life". "We could not see it, but we suppose I had it, because I have to register it in the civil register is obligatory to carry a certificate of vaccination BCG"he confirmed.

Municipal health officials have stated that "the appropriate measures have been taken in accordance with the provisions in force approved by the Pan American Health Organization and the National Tuberculosis Control Program".

"On April 1, it was learned that the young man was tuberculosis, so a meeting was held with all parents to guide them on vaccines, hygiene precautions and the 13th complete disinfection in the school."they counted from the municipality.

"There is a lot of stigma on tuberculosis, as if this is a bad word, the boy is not in Kilms' party, so the case is treated by the hospital at Mounis.– Justify the secretary.

In the latter case, the secretary revealed that the woman had been treated by a Florida colleague in her sanitarium. "The doctor encouraged her to study, and when she did, the doctor went to the house to seek her because she had to be hospitalized.he counted.

"She did not want to be a trainee, the husband and the professional persuaded her to be an intern", continued the employee and added that she was finally admitted to Isidoro Iriarte Hospital in Kilmess, where she unfortunately died.

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The secretary went to the woman's home to see the possible contacts the woman had. "There is false information that mentions that there are about ten cases of tuberculosis, and in 10 cases there are 10 survivors of this lady who are being studied with their X-rays and a review of BCG", said Miguel Maittegi.

"There is no case in this school, the only case is the mother of the boy who attends this school", stressed the government official.

According to the National Health Secretariat, the number of people reporting tuberculosis has remained stable: 10,343 cases in 2016 and 103,139 in the following year, while the number of deaths is 628 in 2016, 408 are men and 220 women.

The Secretary stressed that we should take this "there are many people who are being treated alone, these cases are very difficult to detect because they do not go through the public system "However, this is a disease of mandatory reporting, but if the private does not say it is difficult to control.

"This is not an epidemic, it is not an outbreak, they are two common cases that register year after year. No peak ", said Health Minister Buenos Aires.

"The annual cases of tuberculosis in Argentina are exactly the same in the past 10 years. In the case of the landless, 40 people suffer from 10 000 inhabitants, while in the country there are an average of 25 patients per 10 000 inhabitants– concluded the official.

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