Thursday , May 13 2021

Aladosivi reunited with the victory over Newell


Aldosivi gathered again yesterday with the victory after four days when he won as home 1 to 0 at Oldel's Boys of Rosario in Mar del Plata in a match corresponding to the 13th. date of the Super League.

The only goal was scored by Newell's defender Mariano Bittolo in the 31st minute in the first half.

The match was held at the José María Minella stadium, with Jorge Balino's arbitration, and a minute's silence before the start of the match was held in honor of the 44 ARA San Juan submarine crew.

With this victory, the team of Mar del Plata managed to add three points again, after four dates in which he achieved only one unit by gathering against Talleres in Cordoba by the 12th.

Aladosivi started the match better and was close to opening the score in the 15th minute, with a fair front of Uruguay Federico Guino who the guest goalkeeper Alan Aguerre deviated from the line.

The team led by Gustavo Alvarez offered strong pressure in the middle of the court and thanks to the association of Matias Pisano and Cristian Chavez for insult, Tiburon began to violate the guests' defense.

After spilling to the right, exactly Pisano entered the area to the right and sent a center to the back, which after a lap in Bíttolo descolocó to Aguerre to open the score.

The home team retired to take advantage of the opportunity to take advantage of the match and although Omar De Felipe's team managed to recover, he did not know how to turn it into any dangerous game for Luciano Pornic's goal at the end of the first half time. ,

Newell faced the match with greater determination and attempted to reach the bottom of the court by Julian Marsioni and Mauro Formaca, but failed to supply his rival Luis Lial.

In the 18th minute of the second half, the Paraguayan Teodoro Paredes missed the brightest chance of the whole rosarino game after the low pass of Facundo Nadalín in the small area.

Aldosivi has suffered Newell's siege in the second half, but the visiting team suffered from inefficiency and failed to reach the tie.

With this result, "Shark" reached the tenth place with 19 points, while Rosario gained its fourth game without winning and taking 20th place with 12 units and worrying situation at its midpoint next season

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