Thursday , June 17 2021

Alarm in San Pedro due to rabies epidemic

The Senate National Health and Food Quality Service confirmed the outbreak of a rabies poison in Tobuna in the Missionary Department of San Pedro.

Confirmation is obtained after an analysis of the sample taken from an affected animal in the Regional Laboratory that Senasa has in Candelaria.

For this reason, SENASA confirms the preventive ban that was ordered at the premises of the index after having identified the disease and spreading it to livestock sites within a radius of ten kilometers.

The measure requires the slaughter and movement of animals to be stopped in those areas until they have completed the appropriate vaccination scheme, according to the rules established by Senasa.

Vaccination is obligatory for outbreaks and covers all cattle, horses, pigs, goats, sheep and dogs.

Senasa recommends manufacturers immediately to report the presence of animals with nerve (inside or outside the outbreak) and to find shelters where they live or suspect the presence of vampires.

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