Thursday , June 1 2023

Alberto Fernandez and the "Radial Power System": Support for Governors and Emptiness for Extreme Visions


"Radial". The term can be re-propagated in peronism because it refers to how Alberto Fernandez seeks to emphasize his relationship with the Territorial Heads of the CA: staff with each one. Another name may be earned, but this practice – which is not of style but of substance – also seems to nourish the breadth of contacts in different fields without defining unique references, something that can generate noise in these economic issues hours of speculation and dizziness of crisis. Today, no one appears as a specific speaker in any field. That would explain the lack of echo of Martin Redara's accusation against the dollar's escalating government.

Alberto Fernandez stands out every time his work with Nestor Kirchner comes to mind. It's not about mixing in the humble so far, but it's not new at all the distinction between "Nestorians" and "Christians"; Nor is it merely an indication of his position as chief of staff in this guide. Rather, it seems like a shared, inorganic and centralized concept: Kirchner speaks, negotiates, and aligns directly, regardless of hierarchy, that is, the secretary of state, without having to go through a minister or trainee, without going to governors, whom he respected together, but without leadership or block.

Of course, others are the main characters and personalities. However, there is a Nestor-style relationship regime, as heard in the former cabinet chief's chain. Of course, it seemed, every gesture of Alberto Fernandez became central political data, not only to domestic ones, from Sunday night. The stack of votes achieved in the STEP placed him very close to Casa Rosada, although the remaining traffic – a consequence of the electoral system of negative and stressful practical effects – It requires a walk that measures every step.

This is reflected in his critical statements about the latest measures announced by Mauricio Macri. Shoes, take care word by word, in a tweet format. The issue of eliminating VAT on products from the main basket was actually a double message. He questioned its effectiveness and warned of fiscal implications, especially for governors. The provincial leaders talked – some directly and others through their ministers in the area – to ask the government for previous and unsecured measures (First, income) about the impact on their accounts. Reducing VAT revenue has added a hefty ingredient.

Of course, it generates a intersection. Minister Dante Sika gave the official answer. And sources close to Minister Rogelio Frigerio – the main driver of relations with governors after the start of macro-governance – underscored the volume of federal resources that the provinces now manage and said the latest measures aim to avoid social conflicts and ensure transit reasonable the long electoral path. They do not believe that tensions with provincial leaders are gaining a crisis level.

Alberto Fernandez's reaction indicated that Macri, in conjunction with the governors, was a major component of the army, which he implemented after his consecration as a candidate announced by the former president.

This tissue, strictly speaking, had begun earlier when Christina Fernandez de Kirchner gave the green light to a strategy to control and dismantle the provinces' turn to alternative or federal PJ. And the candidate followed his own mind as soon as the formula was integrated: individual contacts, work of nearby operators and visits to the areas, all crowned on Wednesday before the STEP, in the Rosario act. In summary: personalized connection and shared support, without devoting a unique reference or league to the leaders, although he acknowledges, even on Sunday night, the deployment of Tucuman Juan Manzur.

The shock wave of triumph in the primaries also appears to have closed the reserve for some electoral calculation among the pernicious mayors of Buenos Aires. Several of them, as well as candidates from Frente de Todos, who are competing in "yellow" areas, met or talked on the phone with Alberto Fernandez this week.

Of course, close to the former cabinet leader, they deny that any of these movements – or the connection with Sergio Massa thinking of Congress – are intended to assert themselves against the weight of the former president and the fabric of La Campora and other groups that respond directly to the Homeland Institute. They also confirm this Communications with CFK continue. The idea is that there is a central place for the candidate, but there is no competition for leadership. The question is whether the authorities allow areas of balance in terms of leadership.

In the meantime, the race continues until October continues. And in the beginning after STEP caution prevails. Alberto Fernandez focuses all the weight and the message. The incoming signal goes in the same direction: Avoid any gesture that can be interpreted as an attempt to complicate the process, nothing that reads about spilling fuel. CGT and the closest social movements also register it.

The same has been outlined so far in the economic field: he is himself responsible for stating what has been said and to what extent he pulls the rope. The list includes criticisms against VAT, the request for reserve care and deficit control, along with Makri's request to review the IMF agreement, is in fact a blur.

Alberto Fernandez, pointed nearby, "He listens to everyone, but he decides and speaks for himself." Nothing would suggest potential occupants. The explanation that he is only a candidate is useful in these cases. Also the "listen" verb, which in economic matters includes Guillermo Nielsen and Matthias Kulfas among the closest ones.

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