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Alfredo Casero's gesture to sneak into a mobile C5N that has become viral – 02/12/2019

Alfredo Cassero again became news on social networks. This time, however, this was not a spicy phrase like a "flank" or some irony. The actor and the humorist had to talk about his reaction as they passed through a C5N mobile phone similar to K.

Everything happened in the middle of an interview with Camilo Allen, a member of the Buenos Aires Trade Federation, who was annoyed by the situation in the country and questioned the closure of the premises.

The note developed normally as Cassero went under Allen and did not even stop listening to the subject of dialogue, He frowned and winked, then went on his way.

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This gesture made him the first trend in the bird's social network, where he received criticism and praise from consumers in similar proportions.

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Although the channel itself initially came to criticize the actor for "mocking of the dismissals," as interpreted in his Twitter account, hundreds of users talked about a simple event and stressed that the actor had not even heard Alan's statements,

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