Thursday , January 21 2021

All details of the offer the River receives from Juanfer Quintero

Juan Fernando Quintero, perhaps the greatest hero who once again had to be crowned as the Copa Libertadores champion, nothing more than Boca and the legendary Santiago Bernabeu could leave the club after the club's World Cup.

That is, Tianjin Kuangjian, a Chinese Super League team that has the maximum figure of Alexander Pato, has offered both the millionaire and the Colombian state.

According to German Garcia Grove, Producer of Tik Sportbecause since December 5, the River has the official proposal of the Chinese club and has time to respond to it by 5 February.

The amount the Chinese are willing to pay for the purchase of Quintero, which has a termination clause of 29 million, is EUR 10 millionAs long as the player to offer you a three-season contractin exchange for $ 7 million for each, How hard it can not be said!

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