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All the details of the Chinese novel Suarez and Benjamin Vikunja

Built in the 1930s, Eltres' new strip will tell a story of betrayal, vengeance and justice Source: Archive

The end of the year comes, and Eltres finalizes the details of the fiction they will seek to take
main time 2019.
As was done a few weeks ago, Pol-Ka has produced an ambitious record tape that will include the leading roles of

China Suarez


Benjamin Vikunja


Gonzalo Heredia

Albert Baro, a young Spanish actor who knows a lot about his work in the Catalan series Merlí. To find out in detail what will happen, this production will become a big tank next year, LA NACION talks to Leandro Calderon, the screenwriter who, along with Carolina Agir, will be responsible for writing the new tape.

Great betrayal

Bruno, the hero of history who will seek revenge against Torquato (Vikinga)
Bruno, the hero of history who will seek revenge against Torquato (Vikinga) Source: Archive

Calderon told LA NACION that the kick of the novel would be revenge. The plot was held in the late 1930s and began with two Spanish friends: Torcuato (Vicuña) and Bruno (Baro). They participate in the Spanish Civil War when Torquato handed over to his partner everything, including his sister. Then he escaped with her to Argentina to start a new life. When Bruno finds out what his friend has done, he travels after his steps to settle the bills. "The story engine is treasure: Albert is a hero, and Vickina, the villain, though it will be gray, the heroes will not be archetypal, but because it will be melodrama, she will have a soap opera."

On the second line will be a young Polish girl played by China, who will come to the country with the promise of marriage, but will eventually be kidnapped by a trafficking network. To escape this reality, a mysterious man played by Gonzalo Heredia will play a key role. One of Kalderon and Agiger's intentions is to clarify what the woman's life is at that time, and by way of example, the world of nightmares that this devious young woman will experience will be sufficient.

Feminism in the thirties

Credit: Instagram

On this issue Calderon explained, "It is time that although there are some concerns from the women's groups, it is also a world in which women do not vote, do not work and do not learn, with some exceptions." Only in this context did we decide to tell the lives of women and young people subjected to a trafficking network will tell the story of how this girl is prostituted and how his intention to destroy this group makes her somehow a victim of justice. "

Careful to the reality of many women of that time, not limited to the dark world in which China's history will pass, the screenwriters will put in front of other female characters from different social strata: "Many free high-class girls They did not have a good situation, for example, married for convenience, and then we told the life of these young women and the contrast in terms of now where there is still something to be done, "he said.

Will Viking and China be a couple?

The two actors will be in front of Eltres' great bet
The two actors will be in front of Eltres' great bet

This is one of the big issues that have spread since the stripe was announced, but considering that Suarez will be the heroine and the Vikuna virus, a priori seems unlikely to form a couple, although nothing is ever written at all. "In history, as she is armed, they are not a couple, and in fact, he will be with another woman, but obviously they will go through at some point," Calderon said. Also, the screenwriter hopes that beyond the real relationship that exists between them, viewers will be able to forget about people: "It seems to me that once you get stuck, they are already the heroes and the actors lose sight of them."

Shaker of genres

The novel will be a soap opera with all its classic features, but the authors will try to enrich the story by adding other ingredients: "There will be police and stronger areas talking about human trafficking, a huge network of prostitution working in the living room light will not be a typical soap opera, there will be a very strong social cut, with heroes of great depth and darkness, and there is a vintage tincture where you will find everything that creates us as a country for a hundred years.

Reality and fiction seem to constantly mix in this new band, not just because Suarez and Viva work together. As history will continue in the past, historical figures will appear that will mix in the plot, even if
camels, "Historical figures and recognizable people will appear, but not something central because this is not the most interesting documentary, the main role is history, and what really serves us, we will include it," he said.

Other members of the voices as well as a preliminary title

Fernán Mirás will be part of the vote
Fernán Mirás will be part of the vote Credit: Ignacio Sanchez

Along with the central names are added little by little new translators who will also be part of this new production.
So far, Andrea Frehriro has been confirmed,

Fernan Miras

, Virginia Innocent, Julia Calvo and

Mercedes Funes

As far as the name of the novel is concerned, Calderon said they are still working on the final title: "This is the name
Argentina, but it will be of origin that is not yet. "He also confirmed that filming will begin in January.

Long-awaited project

Originally the story of
Argentina It was going to take place in 1915 (that is why it originally circulated information that said this year as a fiction), but then Calderon and Agier decided to move that date to thirty. According to the scriptwriter, in the past three years, he worked until he finally got a green light: "The project has been going very slowly lately because there was no room on the net, but we already have a few chapters written and explored. an ambitious bet, I think this is a great decision by Adrián Suar (channel manager) We are all very enthusiastic about the mystique I did not feel for a long time on TV and we really want to be a story that's in the heart on television. "

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