Sunday , September 25 2022

Although arrested, the young man, who yesterday shot in the tragic incident in Posadas, deleted his Facebook position


Although arrested, the young man, who yesterday shot in the tragic incident in Posadas, deleted his Facebook position

Through its social network, Matthias Z. claimed in 2016 more controls and more weight with people who "kill others for drunk driving". The 19-year-old was identified as a Toyota Corolla driver who yesterday caused the crash that killed one man on Quaranta Avenue.

The tragic incident that occurred on Sunday in Posadas and which took a person's life at 31 years continues to cast doubt on the missionary society. Young people, drunk at almost noon, come back from buying more alcohol for then, high-speed zigzag, aboard the Toyota Corolla, along Quaranta Avenue and an urban team; they are the characteristics that make missionary society closely follow the case.

Over the past few hours, he was superior to Facebook, where the driver of the car in question demanded more traffic control in 2016 and demanded greater severity with those who "kill other people intoxicated", along with other demands and criticism from drivers.

Once this media has shared this post, it is eliminated within a few hours. It's amazing that Matthias Z, the 19-year-old young man who runs the car, is detained under the title Homes in a Road Traffic Accident.

That said the publication:

The fact

Yesterday, almost to the end of the afternoon, the irresponsibility of a young man came to the point that a friend dies practically destroyed after breaking the car that they robbed another friend against a group. Matthias Z. (19) has taken a friend's car without permission while they were after a night of bowling. It was in the area of ​​Terrazas de Itaembé Miní and since no one wanted to give him the car to buy drinks, he took one and caused the death of a friend a little later.

According to the police record, at 11:45 Toyota faces the team side and Alberto Galeano (31) dies almost immediately, due to various injuries including femur fractures, quill head injury, neck and spine. Before the same shot was moving on San Martin Boulevard, doing dangerous maneuvers that were recorded. The car belonged to a young man named Ramirez who complained that his friend Matthias Z had shot without permission.

The unconsciousness of the driver, who had 1.06 grams of alcohol per liter of blood, cost Alberto Galeano's life while he and another companion, a boy named Baes, were mildly injured and inscribed. Only the person who caused the incident is detained under the heading "Homes in a road accident".

According to the owner of the car, they went to a house in the Terrasas district to continue the celebrations on Saturday night. Already in the Sunday and in the house of a boy he knew a few days ago, but he had other common friends. The owner of the house, in perplexity, told him that Matthias had taken Toyota's keys to buy more drinks and soon became aware of what had happened. In addition to some beers and other beverages, they found nearly 25,000 pesos in the movie, which was in the late young man's clothes.

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