Friday , March 31 2023

Alvarez's Chicken Threw It Live: What Nicole Neumann Looks for on Google


A fun time, albeit a little awkward Nicole Neumann, who lived today in We in the morning when Polo Alvarez brought to life the latest searches by Google's panelist,

With the phone of Nicole in his hand and pointing it at the camera, the driver shared with Sandra Borgi the reading of topics of interest to the top model,

"Nicole Neumann's recent searches, see Sandra. October Voting Day, Europe Map, departs again! … … full moon today astrology ", I used to eat astrology …" what brings the new moon in the aquarium ", read El Pollowhile the two fell in laughter.

But the driver continued to make the list: "This is fundamental because she spends on her Instagram uploading phrases in English. Put travel quotes instead of phrases, He threw it away.

The best, however, is forthcoming: "And let's see the chat now … No, I'm lying", He said Nicolewhile laughing from the heart. "Give me this! " He succeeded in asking the participant, who also showed a sense of humor, to accept the joke they were making.

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