Friday , June 18 2021

AMD seems to have an ace in its sleeve

During the past CES 2019, AMD showed us some of the most important releases we will see this year, such as the new second generation Ryzen for laptops and Radeon VII, the first graphics card with 7 nm architecture, and the first songs of third generation of Ryzen,

With regard to the new third-generation Ryzen microphones, AMD told us that its most powerful processor will come with Octa-Core processor with 16 threads of Zen 2 architecture of 7nm. Today everything seems like AMD has prepared a surprise for us since the first standards of AMD a third-generation Ryzen course with 12 cores and 24 threads,

The key will be the price

The alleged micro appears in a UserBenchmark entry under the code name "Myrtle", the third-generation Ryzen is known as "Matisse", which means we will be faced with a new processor. As mentioned, this option is intended 12 cores and 24 threads,

As for the specifications of this "myrth" by Ryzen, we have clock frequency 3.4 GHz with 3.6 GHz turbo and AMD AM4 socket compatibilityOn the other hand, this microsystem is classified as & quot; 2D3212BGMCWH2 & quot ;.37/34N, which allows us to see that it is just a prototype (ES1), is designed for desktops and has a TDP of 95W, in addition to confirming the 12 cores.

AMD Decoding of Code Names

As a first revision, this microscope will have a baseline of 3.21 GHz, and the benchmark is set to stand up against Intel microphones: the i9-7920X, 12 cores, 24 threads and 140W TDP, and i9-9900K, eight cores, 16 threads and 95W TDP.

The results show that Ryzen is not as powerful as expected in single-and quad-core processes, but it is in multi-core processes where it shines, surpassing the i9-9900K and remaining slightly below i9-7920X, but here we have to bear in mind that the latter has a TDP almost 68% higher.

AMD Ryzen Myrtle benchmark

Here we have to keep in mind that this is just a leak and nothing is confirmed by AMD, except that this would be a first review of this supposed third generation Ryzen micro. On the other hand, if it is real, It will be interesting to know what your price will beBecause, as we have seen over the past two years, AMD plays great with the pricing strategy, so we have no doubt that the bet is the same.

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