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Analysis of Battlegrounds of known players or PUBG on PS4

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds analysis comes with the latest version of the game. PUBG landed on PS4 after going through PC, Xbox One and a few months after mobile versions. Is there another wick left to the pioneer of the "battle"?

There are still platforms to receive Player Battles (or PUBG). The famous online multiplayer, which has broken computer records and turns into one of the most powerful Xbox One – upgraded to Xbox One X – last year, now comes to PS4, allowing more and more players to discover the pioneer of the "battle piano".

If it allows us to compare, what happens to that PUBG This is similar to the phenomenon Minecraft, which was adapted to all devices and platforms after its boot up on the computer. But in this case, "battle royale" has a drawback and this is that the genre is tortured by competitors who return to the same gaming system. On the one hand, the "omnipotent" Fortnite, with its "free to play" formula, a more colorful visual style, and a shelter system.

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On the other hand, the regime Blackout by Call of Duty Black Ops 4, which includes a first-person gunplay, characteristic of the saga, which offers a technical section that is far superior. And we're still waiting for the Firestorm to reach Battlefield V, with a similar premise.

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PUBG analysis on Xbox One

So at this stage, a year and a half after the original edition, it is worth wondering if there is still dust in the game Bluehole Studio to win a place among the fans of the genre. The answer is "yes," but it is not easy.

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Survival to the border

Perhaps there are still some ignorant people in the world who do not know the precondition for "all against all" of this type. Around 100 players jump from plane to island, where they will have to fight until there is only one survivor – in this case we can also play from 4 men. The battle is a circle that is gradually diminishing, and this forces us to meet our opponents.

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All players start from scratch, ie. You must collect the weapons and supplies that are scattered on the map. And these parts of the equipment can be of different types: protective devices such as helmets or armored vests, bandages and analgesics for recovery and, of course, arsenal.

in Player Battles we can load up to four weapons at a time: a body, a gun and two rifles (also guns or machine guns) that usually solve the game. In addition, they can be attached accessories such as tarpaulin, silencers, various optics and advanced chargers, which gives us a set of quite full capabilities.

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The strategic point of the game is that our limited inventory (and what we find on our way) will force us to make a decision for a wide range shotgun, but a low fire or a more versatile weapon depending on the moment of play, in which we are. And as fallen enemies leave their arsenal, in the final section all players will be fully equipped.

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PUBG Guide and Tricks

All the weapons that appear in the game are real-world models (the most modern ones like Kriss Vector to the old "weapons of volition"), and some include the shot selector to decide whether we want automatic, half-shot or shot.

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The game card

The main advantage of PUBG compared to other games of the genre is that there are several cards. Each of them has a unique setting and adds a variety of development: we can play in a desert environment, a tropical jungle or an island with urban and rural areas, each of which slightly changes the style of the game.

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For now, only maps are available Erangel, Miramar, and Sanghok, but new scenarios will appear soon. In fact, the map has already been announced Vikendi, on snowy land. With PUBG, we also have access to the test servers to find these maps before they are applied.

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The approach is always the same, of course, but the open areas are inviting us to move further, as we can be an easy target for fencers, while other environments (especially cities) are succumbing to the demand for coverage and measuring our footsteps a lot. ,

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Each of the maps has its own vehicles (ground and water) that allow us to move forward with speed, but the sound of it makes our position.

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Weekly and daily challenges with their award

The progress system is one of the keys to the game (and one of the forms of funding). We can not get "useful" items because that would change the rules of the game, but on the contrary there are many unlockable elements in the cosmetics section: from hero's clothes to new skins for parachutes or weapons.

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They can be accomplished by completing missions, paying the currency of the game or by looting. In the case of PS4, one of the incentives to book is that we can use clothing Nathan Drake in the "Uncharted" saga and backpack Ellie in "The Last of Us",

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This is a way to "show" the time we had chickens (when we have a win at Playerunknown Battlegrounds, the game rewards us with the phrase "Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner") among the rest of the community and that's exactly what the competitive they are online, right?

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The version of the console

A year ago, with the Xbox One version, we did not dare to appreciate the game because it was in Earlier version for accessBut now that it is "full," we still have some important shortcomings. The network code works pretty well and we have no problems finding a game, nor have we had any crashes or expulsions.

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The game works 30 FPS stable, c improvements in PS4 PRO (although it does not reach 4K resolution) and does not currently support cross-platform play.

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Is PUBG and Fortnite similar?

However, the management system is a bit complicated. In particular, access to the accessories attachment or recharge system menus – which requires us to leave the button for a moment – left us "sold" several times. Here, users of the computer are more likely to have it easier (not compatible with the mouse and keyboard of PS4).

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The First Person's Mode (We can change the perspective at any time) does not make it easier to target – because you have to press twice to use this view – and the technical section is generally not polished: long-time texture, many polygonal elements and forced animations , besides incorrect physics in vehicles. Interior lighting and the pop-up of buildings and objects also do not help to improve this aspect.

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All in all, the approach of PUBG is a lot of funThere are times when the game runs slowly, but when less than 20 players remain, things get very animated and the pulse accelerates. And it also comes at a very strict price of 29.99 euros in the main version.

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No wonder the game was so successful – also on YouTube and Twitch – these years, but today it would not be our first choice in terms of "battle".

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