Wednesday , May 5 2021

And it was time to finish at the camp, inviting a vacunar a niños

And at the end of the final round of the Campaign National of Seguimiento against Sarampión y Rubéola 2018, the Ministerio de Salud Pública continued to recommend and todos los que los niños, que lleven a los niños, entre 13 meses y 4 años, a que reciban one of the extras of the vaccine that protects against estas enfermedades. Free of charge, no requiere or medium available and available from the provincial assistance center.

Está dirigida a niñas y niños de 13 meses a 4 años inclusiv, aunque ya estun vacunados. It is important that the vacancies of the vacancies are high on the cannabis of human beings, and that they can be dismantled and can not be taken into account.

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In the campagna de seguimiento is made a tub with a yard that is designed to reduce the number of persona susceptibles that is suman año tras año que surge, por un lado, de los niños que no fueron vacunados dentro del programa regulara, por otro, porque it is estimated that 10 of the queues of the vacanados are not available for the protection of the necessary resources against the estas enfermedades.

According to the Organization of the Panamericana de la Salud (OPS), it has been announced that 23 September has been announced 8.091 times, including 85 defunct, en 11 countries in the Region of Venezuela, enclave of Venezuela (5,525 casos, incluidas 73 defunciones), Brasil (2,142 casos, incluidas 12 defunciones) y Estados Unidos (142 casos). In Argentina, the han registrado 14 casos.

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