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And now with multiplayer! These are the novelties of Super Mario Maker 2

The customization options and the challenges you have to face in Nintendo Switch are increasing.

The newest Nintendo Direct focuses on the big breakthroughs of Super Mario Maker 2, the new video game with a 2D platform developed by the Great N, which greatly expands the content seen in the original Wii U, introducing the desired multiplayer which will be both joint and competitive.

A great video demonstration allowed us to see what this Nintendo Video video game looks like, which respects the essence of the original, growing significantly with new editing tools so fans from around the world can create their own scenarios with great freedom. Among the new Most striking are Oscillating Claw, which we will use as liana or On / Off blocks, which will allow us to activate certain mechanisms during the game.

Mario 3D World brings new opportunities with unique challengesThere will be new enemies like salt, which will pursue us tirelessly, as well as key items in the Super Mario series snake block, for which we can determine the next time and the speed at which it does. Super Mario Maker 2 will even allow us to decide if we will play day or night, which will determine the challenges we will find on the screen. If it is night, for example, snow scenarios will be more slippery, while ghost-lived houses will be darker, or water areas will be covered with poison.

Super Mario Creator 2

To learn how to use all of these new tools that Nintendo has designed 100 levels for a story mode that offers to reconstruct the castle of Princess Peach. With new places like the desert, the snowy areas or the sky, the Great N has emphasized that the great and veteran Koji Kondo, responsible for the soundtracks of some of Nintendo's most beloved franchises, has been assigned to create new video game themes.

Four players can collaborate on the most challenging levels or face special challengesAs for multiplayer, up to four players can co-operate to overcome the toughest challenges or face special levels where the goal is to reach the target against other players. On the way, we can attack our rivals to try and finish them before they reach the pennant. In addition, there will be no options for sharing all designed levels as well as downloading other players as well as search and evaluation tools for all content created in Super Mario Maker 2. Even two players can collaborate on design together your own levels.

Picture of Super Mario Maker 2

Finally, another major innovation is related to the world of Super Mario World, the fantastic Wii U video game that will be featured here in a series of extraordinary levels because the options it puts on the table are different than those you can design with other Mario Maker 2. Do you want to try all of these? news? The good news is we'll have to wait a bit to put the video game gauntlet.

Super Mario Maker 2 will debut on the Nintendo Switch June 28With E3 2019 just around the corner, we still have to wait the next few weeks to find the other great innovations Kioto has in his portfolio. You can check the dates and times of the E3 2019 to know when the various press conferences will take place before the most important video game fair in the world.

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