Monday , November 30 2020

Angela Torres and Pepo Maurizis announced their reconciliation with romantic photos

– Definitely separated, this is one of my moments, I want to get to know myself as a woman and stay alone for a while. Thus, Angela Torres announced its division in April by the young actor Pepo Maurizis, in dialogue with violators,

Not long after, rumors of romance began to emerge between her and her Agustin Casanova, your squirrel Simona, However, the versions they have never been confirmed,

Now, after more than half a year of alienation, Angela Torres and Mauritius they bet on love again, as can be confirmed with the photo the actor and the dancer have posted in his account at Instagram.

"Blue snail," Maurizis writes alongside gentle imagewhere you see them together.

Besides, the photographer Dolores Gortari He posted two other photos of his young actors in his Instagram account they are very in love,

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