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"Angelci told me he will not ask for points" – 24.11.2018

Once again, the word "bureau" reappeared in Copa Libertadores. After the episode of the Bombonera pepper gas, Supercl√°sico returned to write a sorry page. This time the River people attacked Boca's microbe, and Pablo Perez suffered damage to his left eye. Also, around Monumental there were serious incidents, and the final went on Sunday. But despite Boca's analysis of wanting to be won by the game, Alejandro Dominguez, president of Conmebol, rejected this opportunity.

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The party has stopped until tomorrow

"I want to make it clear that Angelicchi was very clear and he told me he would not ask for points, Boca wants to win in court. I have a document signed by all parties (River, Boca and Conmebol) who says tomorrow is played. They assure me that the stadium will be activated and for us the game will start at 17, "he said in Central Fox's statements.

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Dominguez, along with Angelicci, Onofrio and Tapia.

On the other hand, Dominguez expressed his anger after the postponement and criticized those responsible for generating the sad episodes of violence that shook the world. "The day of shame for South American football, a few inconveniences have created shame, it is not part of football and culture, it is a pity, but the violent ones will not win us, and what happens does not represent Argentine society I hope justice is fast "he assured him.

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"This is football is not a war"

He also says the Sunday final is "a country to show the world that we want to do the right thing," and we said why they waited so long to stop the game. "Conmolbola's physicians assessed the situation every 35 minutes. Then, with the written medical part Bocka presented, we made a gentlemen's agreement between the presidents and postponed the game. He was not sporty and had changed the character of the game. Libertadores will raise the best, "he said.

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