Tuesday , July 27 2021

Argentina and a painful defeat against the United States at the closure of the eliminator

With an amazing double-bell, the United States beat Argentina with 84 to 83 in the final round of qualifying for the China World Cup 2019.

Despite the good performance of Lucy Redie (18 points), Nicholas Bruxino (11 points, six rebounds and four assists) and Lucas Fagiano (nine assists and two thefts), those led by Sergio Hernandez could not oppose Jeff Van Gundy, even though he was on a dashboard a second to complete the game.

It is that after a great defensive play of Argentina, the ball came out and the last ball was owned by the United States. Thus, with an almost improvised play, Reggie Horn was responsible for bringing the couple to the end of a very good score by Nicholas Aguirre.

Despite the defeat, the national team has already been ranked for the World Cup in China and finished second in the ranking, one behind the Americans.

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