Friday , January 22 2021

Argentinian actresses: Telma Fardin condemns Juan Darts for harassment and sexual violence

Today, the team held a press conference to publish a complaint about sexual violence against Juan Drews.

From the team of Actrices Argentinas made a statement announcing that on Tuesday, December 11, at 19:00, a press conference will be held from the team of 400 women. The reason is to make a public complaint against an actor who has abused a colleague and thus "accompanies the complaints of comrades who have been victims of abuses at work." They finally pointed out Juan Drews,

By knowing that this is going to happen, he began to talk about who would be the complaint and the alert. The public sphere was defined Juan Darts, who already has a series of complaints about abuse that made this situation public, was Callo Rivero, who accused him years ago.

The multi-theater was filled with people. Only they can enter the dam. The press conference began with a large number of actresses on stage. Laura Azkura, began to speak, who is now grateful to the current and the authorities. Melanie Aguero took the microphone and said, "We do not stop anymore." He then explained how they were organized by the team to help their colleagues in abusive situations. "We are together and organized," he said.

Grizzly Siciliani began talking and confirming what was speculated. This is the criminal complaint filed in Nicaragua by Telma Fardin Juan Drews for sexual harassment and abuse. Both actors were part of the voices of Ugly Duckling, a novel for young children, broadcast in 2007.

The actress who will hand the appeal to the famous actor

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