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Atletico opens the series against a totally different Tiger

It was not yesterday, but we are talking about the same season and so it may be surprising: "Atletico" will visit today at 18.45, the Tigre team is very different from the one he received for date 5 of the tournament. The only frame of the game says everything: it will be the first match of the Super League semi-finals, a tournament that seems to confirm not only this change in terms of this duel but also a small internal revolution of its rival.

On this occasion the team Ricardo Zilinsky facing a team who dreamed of staying in First, but with a level of play incompatible with that dream. 3-0 with three goals Luis Rodriguez (He was still at Atletico) did nothing but prove this hypothesis.

Of the 18 "killer" players who came to Tucuman in September 2018 and ended in this defeat, only six are repeated if we look at the list of tomato concentrates for tomorrow. It needs to be clear that there may be eight, but injuries to Walter Montillo and Nestor Moiraghi they prevented it.

Justo Montillo, who was the key to this change in the current world of Tigre and who will miss both games in the series. Anyway, the Atletico fans can not be trusted: the bank is Nestor Gorosito, the main responsible for radically changing the team. After joining the club he managed to make 14 games, eight wins and only three losses (plus three games, of course). Still, it was not enough for the team to maintain the category. Atletico will be confronted by a team from which many things originate only for this condition, but no one would be right if we turn to common places.

The tiger is not discouraged, his game is not bad, he does not lack motivation and is not unarmed. The opposite is in one of these statements, which coincide with a team that has lost the category.

In these 14 games, the team scored 25 goals and when they got them before they scored, they always reacted. This is one of its main advantages but it can become one of its defects. Tigger rebelled against Racing, champion of the Super League, River, the first teams during this cup and turned the unfavorable results. But when you have to take the initiative, like today's game, it costs a lot.

– We do not know how to wait. We are in a disadvantaged position, "he admits Gerardo Alcobaanother major figure in Tigre, but it will also be low.

From local and against Athletic, Tigre is supposed to go for the match, but his own heroes admit it is worth it. This will be a matter of benefit to Atletico. And if he did, never trust. Because he is disadvantaged and still descends when his opponent played the best. What is very different from what you encountered in September.

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