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Atopic dermatitis, what you need to know



Sat 24 November 2018, 17:06
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Along with acne, this is one of the main reasons for dermatological consultation. (COMPOSITION)

Dry, red and itchy skin is a sign of atopic dermatitis, a chronic skin disease that affects up to 10% of the infant population and 3% (3.8 million) of the adult population in Mexico.

Together with acne is one of the main reasons for dermatological consultation and usually occurs during the first year of life, so it is advisable to be careful about the symptoms of babies to take care of right away.

At a press conference, dermatologists reported that, according to various studies, 60% of patients had depression, 90% anxiety, and 85% said pruritus was important. Generally, they sleep 2.5 hours less than the general population due to itching.

Mexican Academy of Dermatology President Linda Garcia Hidalgo said that 27% of people with this disease suffer from bullying (physical or psychological harassment) and 11% of discrimination due to the appearance of their skin because sometimes there are lesions and bleeds.

In the framework of World Day of Atopic Dermatitis, which is celebrated on November 27, he said that 2% of patients failed to control the condition.

Moisturizing the skin is a key factor in improving the state of the most extensive body of the human body, and patients should use special soap or bath only with warm water and after a few minutes wear only cotton cloths, avoid sweating and changes in temperature, said Angelika Beirana, vice president of the Mexican Society of Dermatology.

While Javier Gómez Verá, chair of the Mexican College of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (CMICA), said that this disease requires multifactorial treatment that includes psychological support and an allergologist.

He stressed that it is important to avoid self-healing, especially on topics that contain steroids because they can cause damage to the body.

Always follow the doctor's instructions and use the treatment only for the indicated time to avoid the risk of glaucoma, hypertension, diabetes and other illnesses.

Gladys Leon-Dorantés, president of the Mexican Dermatology Foundation, said that 62% of children are middle-aged men of 8 years who start with atopic dermatitis in the first year and 83% have an allergy.

Experts have indicated that itch is a hallmark of this disease and urged the population to join #BajoMiPielDA, which aims to generate more knowledge about it.

It is expected that in the coming months in Mexico, new biotechnology medicine will arrive for patients aged 18 years and older who have shown efficacy in disease control.

The continued use of dupilumab significantly reduces symptoms and epidemics, is injected every 15 days and the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) has already been authorized to be placed on the market in Mexico.

Along with acne, this is one of the main reasons for dermatological consultation. (COMPOSITION)


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