Sunday , June 13 2021

Attention! ANMAT bans brand of crushed tomatoes

Due to non-compliance with certain standards, ANMAT decided to ban the sale of a brand of crushed tomatoes. To consider.

By publishing in the State Gazette, the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Devices (ANMAT) prohibits the sale of a mark crushed tomatoes,

This is the brand "Don Alberto"Which is mainly sold in the province of La Rioja, which made it through provision number 855/2019, in which he also pulled the product out of circulation.Crushed tomato– By the mark Olivares del Cesar, which is also sold in the same province.

In the same communication ANMAT that both products infringe Article 3 of Law 18284, Article 3 of Annex II to Decree 2126/71 and Articles 6 bis, 13 and 155 of the CAA in the absence of authorizations for a product and an establishment to be falsely labeled as a result is illegal.

Source: Minute One.

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