Friday , December 4 2020

Auction for 50 MW generated with solar and wind power

Energy Secretary Veronica Gace and President of Provincial Energy Company Maximiliano Neri presented the Generfe program on Friday and publicly discussing bidding documents for the inclusion of the first 50MW in solar and wind power projects to improve the tension levels in the Corridor Corridors between Tostato and Raphael, as well as Casilda and Rufino.
The first example of the initiative in which the province of Santa Fe is a pioneer is the presentation of the preliminary project, which will be subject to a public consultation so that the final list is a joint construction between the public and private sectors.
This initiative is co-ordinated with the Secretary of State for Energy and the EPE, which will be responsible for conducting the tendering procedure for contracts for the supply of electricity from renewable energy sources.
Parallel to the promotion of renewable energy production and cost savings, the Santa Fe government seeks to improve the quality of electrical services for Santa Fe.
The Generfe program identifies where and how much electricity will be generated. For this reason, the points to be injected (the interconnection points), the electrical power of the projects and the technology to be used (solar, wind, biogas, etc.) will be indicated. So, based on these requirements, developers implement their projects.
The final versions of the tender documents will be submitted in January 2019. From the website you can download the bidding documents, make the contributions, consult the schedule of the offer and get the information for the renewal potential of Santa Fe.

Improving the development of energy

"This is a tender program for renewable energy sources of small photovoltaic parks with a capacity of up to 5 megawatts and wind power up to 10 megawatts in corridors, which are 33 kW lines of the provincial power company, ie up to 20 years and hence the park was built in the area referred to by ERUs and is starting to inject energy into areas where it is necessary to improve the quality of service, "Guse said.
"So far, this will be done on two corridors that are most urgent because they are radial corridors, ie they are not connected to others, and when there is a problem it is interrupted across the corridor." Rafaela to Toaddo and the southern corridor , who goes to Rufino.
"This program has a huge environmental advantage because it stops consuming polluted energy that comes from fossil fuels but also has a clear benefit to the quality of life of people because they will reduce less light they will have better tensions throughout the day to think about the developments in the industries that require this energy, "said Gates.

First stage

In the first phase, the Generfe program will encourage the production of electricity from renewable sources in the northern and southern corridors. Both corridors consist of 132 kW transmission lines. The northern corridor has an extension of 284.14 kilometers, which extends from the cities of Tostado to Rafaela.
Meanwhile, the southern corridor line has a length of 209.2 kilometers from Casilda to Rufino. Thus, given the populations of the two corridors, Generfe will benefit from more than 320,000 inhabitants.
The total power to be delivered in both corridors amounts to 50 MW in photovoltaic and wind projects. These projects will generate an annual generation of more than 96,000 MWh, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of more than 30,000 households.

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