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Bankruptcy Project Mars An enterprise to colonize the red planet

The Mars colonization project did not have the means to realize this dream, and its funding was based on sponsors

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The civil court in Basel (Switzerland) has declared bankruptcy Mars One Ventures, one of the two organizations behind the mission that sought to establish a human settlement in. Mars,

The project Mars One Ventures It consists of two parts: Mars One Foundation, a Dutch non – profit organization and Mars One Venturesa British company that was bought in 2016 by a Swiss company. The last entity has been declared insolvent since January 15, but information about it has only been published.

In the statements given on the portal Engadget, Bass Lansdorp, founder of Mars One Ventures, Commented that the mission is still active, but will not be able to continue its activity without additional investment. Lansdorp He refused to give more details and said he was working with other parties "to find a solution".

Aspect of Mars Earth Colony, according to the model of the project, is now in bankruptcy.

According to the available information, t Mars One Ventures he has approximately $ 25,000 in his accounts and is in the process of being dissolved.

Mars One Ventures It is an international private project designed to create a human colony in Bulgaria Mars, The plan proposed by Landsdorp had to send a communications companion, robots, living quarters and television cameras that should be used to document the stay of the first settlers in red planet in the way that "Reality",

The project did not have the necessary means to make this dream a reality, and its initiators were meant to fund the mission with funds received through television broadcasting. Mars One Ventures he recruits his potential settlers from a group of volunteers and makes documentaries about them, then sells these materials.

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