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Behind the scenes of the list of 23: the doubts Lionel Skalloni resolved at the last minute – 21.05.2019

The smiling smile requested permission and was seen in Lionel Skalon's face while listening to Cesar Luis Menotti on the left. "Every time you decide, it is very likely that the coach does not sleep for two or three nights, because every decision destroys the dream of a child who is not on the list, the responsibility of the national team coach is very large. is to leave a child outside, "he said lean in the conference room of Ezeiza, supportive of Argentina's technique, beyond any difference in opinion that he could make public.

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"I Learn When I Listen to It", the young DT returns the wall. As Cesar says. We know what it means to leave a player outside. And when it is time to choose 23 … Yes, this is part of our work, but that does not mean we do not suffer it. It was complicated days. Doubts are always available when there are so many players to choose from. We met up to the last minute to clarify the doubts, "says Skalloni with the 23 faces of the Brazilian elected Copa America and confirmed this Tuesday at noon.

The final list for the first important race after the disappointment of Russia 2018 came with the necessary repairs: There are 14 surnames that are not in RussiaOnly Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Angel Di Maria and Nicholas Otamendi are the survivors of the old guard. and there are six names of local football: Franco Armani, Esteban Andrada, Milton Casco, Exeuil Palacios, Renzo Saravia and Matthias Suarez. The other five, which have been repeated since the last World Cup, except for the four historic ones, are the river goalkeeper, Marcos Aquunia, Nicholas Taglifio, Giovanni Lo Selso and Paulo Diballa.

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"It is difficult to please everyone, we are convinced that those who are are the best for that moment, that was a replacement without closing anyone's doors," added Skalloni, who, as he confessed, Monday decided that the members of his first major challenge as a coach. "" I'm trying to live all this naturally, "he replied hunting horn how this process leads.

What are the doubts the coach has decided on holiday?

In the archway were Andrad and Armani, but there was a place between Agustin Marquesin and Juan Musso. Very good news about the former "Lanus" in America of Mexico was ultimately more.

The biggest surprises were in the defense. The coach preferred the youth and future of Juan Noah over the experience of Gabriel Mercado. – It was one or the other. This is not a substitution. We brought him Juan, as we have guessed and we have blind faith in him. If it is not now, when can you put the shirt on the national team? ", Explained Rosario.

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Another one who came in was Casco. Its multifunctionality and presence in River will make him play his second Copa America. Scalloni made it clear: "Casco was quoted for matches with Venezuela and Morocco, but he was injured. Luckily he managed to recover. It gives us variants, it can be played to the right or to the left. "

In the offensive, although the coach assured that "we have never had any doubts about Dibala because he has always been with us," the presence of Jewelry It was not so determined. That is, Angel Correa's good appearances at Atletico Madrid have made the coaching team think seriously. "He had to be on our side, and we will try to get him back if we have to get him back," said Skulloni for Juventus striker's summons despite his gray presence.

The struggle between Aguero and Mauro Icardi was resolved a few days ago because of the obvious realities of the two, but the word of technique was expected. "Kun's numbers speak for themselves. I have the best with him. You have to fit the pieces so you can do the same as in your club, "he argued for the return of Manchester City's top scorer. And in the absence of Inter, a bit of activity in the semester, he simply said, "Those who were not hurt but had to decide." And Lionel DT decided.


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