It seems that blocking Microsoft's China search engine, Bing, is another victim of the US-China trade war. Yet, yesterday, he was the last victim of an arbitrary blockade of a Western online service operating in Asia, which even surprised Microsoft itself, who could not understand the reasons for the blockade, and in a statement in which the suspension of their operations – temporarily.

Now Microsoft has announced that its search engine is again operating in China, but the real reasons why the company stopped accessing the Chinese market are not yet known. Some experts have pointed out, as CNBC rightly notes, that China's Bing blockade has had much to do with the Sino-American trade war, this will be a measure of pressure and threat of the power the Asian side has over the western companies that work there.

Keep in mind that, unlike what happens with Bing in some western countries, in China it is so one of the most important foreign search engines of the few remaining in the country, at least if we compare it with other alternatives that had to leave China because of the blockade they were subjected to. Logically, its strength, combined with local alternatives, makes little competition, yet it is not saved by a temporary blockade.

We do not know that if the Microsoft search engine once again underwent a similar block, at least in terms of the trade war between the two powers, as it appears that Western companies have recently been the currency of change in this competition for trade tariffs and trade policy between the two countries.