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Bombonera closed: "There were more people than mentioned," admitted Daniel Angelci – 11/22/2018

Open training was held so fans could reject players and express their support to Superfinal on Saturday at 5pm at Monumental when Boca and River will face each other for the Copa Libertadores title. But this was not a full party: Bombonera was closed,

"There were more people than it was mentioned"Said Daniel Angelci in a conversation with the No Todo Pasa program (TyC Sports)." There were many fans there, we went too far and they closed the stadium. We will see tomorrow (on Friday) if we can make some disclaimer to request a lifting of the closure, "he said.

As the Twitter club reports, "About 50 Thousand Fans" They were at a stadium with a total capacity of 54,500, but this afternoon the box is closed.

"I just read the final statement at the stadium. This is due to the surplus of people on the stairs, which are emergency exits, and in access to the North and South stands (popular). He says there are more people than what is allowed. The truth is, I do not know how to count them, but well"added Angelci.

Now, Boca's legal department must move quickly to cancel the closure. Why? while Boca will not play in the Bombbon until December 9, when he faces Atlético Tucumán for the Super League, he will need a place to celebrate if he is champion on Saturday at Copa Libertadores.

That's why Angelici confirmed that he Friday will present resource the General Directorate for Administration of Urban Government Offenses to lift the penalty for excessive supporters in the stadium and thus be able to rely on "Bomboner" if the "Baroque Shelter" team retains the title after 2 or 2 of the way.

In the same program of TyC Sports Gustavo May, the state control agent responsible for this "Bombonerazo" analyzes that it is possible for Boca to be able to return the measure. "It's not a failure at the stadium's safety, it's something that happened at the time, people jumped on the spinning circuits and could not keep picking up people," he said. And reinforced: "I understand that administratively there is nothing to prevent (raising the closure)".

If the claim does not prosper, the other option is ObeliskAlthough Juan Pablo Sasano, the deputy secretary of civil security, and the officer in charge of operations for the Bombbon and Monumental parties, rejected it ("You have to organize the place well to celebrate, it must be a qualified place, and the Pencil it's not, and we will not let it go, "he said), then backed off.

Unforgettable practice for Boca. (Guillermo Rodriguez Adami)

Unforgettable practice for Boca. (Guillermo Rodriguez Adami)

They informed him hunting horn sources of the Department of Security, "the authorities of CABA are unwilling to prohibit these festivities or to prevent them." What we want to coordinate with clubs is places for celebrations and this will happen during the meetings that will take place with the clubs and authorities of Conmebol. "

The same was clarified by the Buenos Aires security minister, Martin Ocampo, a few days ago. "We will try to talk to the club authorities to organize a holiday," he said. If you do not have Bombonera allowed, Boca would make it difficult to find a variant other than Obelisk.

Record the public in "Bombonera", which "beat"

The players received the promotion of the fans. (Photo: Giovanni Tesson)

The players received the promotion of the fans. (Photo: Giovanni Tesson)

The Bombonerazo, which Boca fans organized, ended with a full stadium one hour before the open training and with thousands of people spanning the streets of La Boca. On a historic Thursday Boca broke the record and became the team that led most people to practice.

Up to 50,000 people this afternoon in Bombonera, the record was Rayados. The Mexican team announced in May 2017 the presence of 31,853 spectators in practice before the match against Morelia.

Besides, the stadium voice recorded a unique moment that quickly became a viral in the nets: how Bombonera beat the rhythm of breathing fans.

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