Thursday , June 17 2021

Brazil: she had a piercing and was paralyzed

A practice that has to be routine to decorate the face has become a drama for a young Brazilian. Layane Dias pierced her nose before returning to a family trip. And as they finalized the details of the crossing, they began to feel strong back pain.

Faced with this situation, he starts taking painkillers, but the pain continues to increase until he stops feeling his feet. Then the same thing happened to the rest of his body. "I could not feel anything from the chest," she said during an interview with the BBC.

The girl decided to go to the doctor after her photo had worsened and had to operate urgently after nuclear magnetic resonance found that there was half a pound of pus between three vertebrae that pressed her spinal cord.

After surgery, the neurosurgeon who visits her explains that a bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus, which manages to carry diseases through the blood, has entered her body through infection.

Asked if she had a wound on her nose or something, the girl admitted she had "pierced her nose the previous month." As you explain, this bacterium is usually generated in the nostrils. Then I told him that I had a piercing on my nose a month ago, "he explained.

"Piercing is the entrance door of the bacteria to your body," she told me, "listening to what puzzled me," says the young woman, who is recovering and performing intensive rehabilitation sessions so she can go again. mobilizes in a wheelchair.

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