Sunday , May 16 2021

Brian Bullie, terrified by the uncertainty: "I no longer walk on the street anymore because I'm afraid to be kidnapped"

An actor who is afraid to suffer the same thing that happens in the series where he works. Brian Bullie, who became famous for his role as Pedro Pradra The Marginal, is an example of this. Guest in We can talkHe admitted that he suffered a lot because of insecurity, to such an extent that he avoided being alone on the street and trying to return home early. "I'm afraid they'll organize a kidnapping because I'm famous"he assured him in the program.

His statements surprised the other guests. Cycle driver Andy Kusnetsof asked them who had a "godfather" at the beginning of his career. Bullie was along with Pedro Alfonso one of those who stepped forward because of his relationship with Luis Ortega, the director of the series.

But when asked if he was still a collector, after the success of his hero, Bullley said he did not. "I had no threats, but there are always bad people who write to me on Instagram so I do not leave my house alone"he said.

In this sense the actor clarified that he was just going to play with a cousin on the ball and that come back before the dark"There are bad people on the street," he says.

To illustrate his fear, Bullie said once that two men who climb the landing gear know him. – You're the dwarf The marginal, Is that correct? "They asked me I said," he began, but the conversation intensified when they asked for the third season, and the actor refused to reveal details, and the answer he received was stupid: "You left an ortho, they started to tell me," he added. artist.

Bullie crossed the road and greeted a friendly policeman from the neighborhood. But this gesture did all the worse. "I did not do it on purpose, but I crossed and told the police, but not because they called me, but because I went to greet and he said," Stay calm here, "and the others in the team attacked me and told me They would not do anything to me . These guys are crazy. I was afraid"he concluded.

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