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Brutal Femicide: Exit from prison and kill his ex at the middle of the street – 11/26/2018

One woman was stabbed to death in the center of the city of Aristobal del Valle, Missionon, from his former partner who left prison three weeks ago after serving a sentence for an attempt at female violence and gender-based violence,

Cecilia Kroozzi was 34 years old and was surprised at the Civil Center by her former husband, Miguel Feldzik, at age 36. The attack was brutal and the woman died because of the deep wounds the woman had given her.

Researchers believe Miguel is released from prison with the idea of ​​killing his former partner. And all these days he was looking for the right moment.

Cecilia had convicted Feldzik for attempted murder and situations of marital violenceThen the court ordered the arrest and finally sentenced him to three years in prison.

Miguel handed his verdict to Obera's criminal unit, and on November 5th he was released. No one foresaw that he could try again against his former life.

The police have detected the knife committed by the weed offense.

The police have detected the knife committed by the weed offense.

The attack occurred on Monday at 10 o'clock on Calle Mariano Moreno. After hitting him several times, the femicide escaped and threw the knife into grass.

The woman tried to run for help, but after a few feet she collapsed on the asphalt and died before receiving medical help. The attack is meters from the municipality of Aristobal del Valle, a town that is about 150 km from Posadas.

With the data provided by shocked witnesses, the police executed an operating bolt in the area and after an hour they managed to catch it on the side of the national route.

Aristoflo del Valle's Family Court said there was no evidence of a bans on convergence or any request to the police. Some believe that Cecilia he has never learned that his former partner is at liberty and rebellion,

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