Wednesday , June 16 2021

BYMA has changed its methodology for strengthening S & P Merval

Thus, S & P Merval will only take into account local companies that will give more exposure to the local risks to these businesses., a condition demanded by investors, highlighted by BIMA by

Also, the leading panel will work with a minimum of 20 shares, the composition of the leading panel will be reorganized for half a year, and weighing the titles can be done quarterly.

From March 15, S & P DJI will suspend the end-of-day calculation and real-time calculation of the above-mentioned indices.

"It is important to emphasize that, as a benefit of this union, we have already started working on the analysis of the new joint brand indices, which we will report in a timely manner highlighted by a press release.

This innovation is part of the process of convergence and transformation that BYMA has taken along with the S & P Dow Jones indexes.

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