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Callo Rivero shot Sebastian Estetenes after the actor's public excuses

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January 26, 2019

After Telma Fardin condemned Darts, Estetenes used his social networks to apologize to his teammate, but his attitude was not as expected.

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<p>Since Telma Fardin broke the silence to condemn Juan Dart for rape, something changed in society and the entertainment world. Since then, there have been many women who have raised their votes to report such situations, but many have also taken the opportunity to apologize <strong>Calu Rivera</strong>Who was it <strong>First, to show the excesses the actor had with her during the romantic scenes of Dulce Amore.</strong></p>
<p>One of them was Sebastian Estevans, nothing more, and no less than the son of the producer of Telefe strip, who had both actors as heroes. <strong><em>– Kalu, I apologize to the public. Strong hug</em>"</strong>writes the actor in his Twitter account after listening to Fardin's painful confession <strong>after doubting the credibility of Kalou's words against his teammate.</strong></p>
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Now that they asked him about it, Kalu clearly made it clear that he would have preferred other behavior. "I think it is worth talking, more personal, I was very clear when I left with the team, but I was not with the press because I did not know how to say it and I still worked it"Explained the actress who returned today to the little screen to play at Bells at night.

Sebastian Estevanes broke the silence after Darth's denunciation

Besides, he assured him "All" They knew she had decided to leave the tape becauseI could not stand it anymore, "So far my dignity has come to support these actions of surplus and a repetition before me. I did not understand my limitI did not understand "no" and I did it again. Well, enough. I believe that you know very well when you mark the border when someone tells you "up here" shot.

It should be remembered that the young actress first publicly condemned Juan Darts. At that time, and in averaging the successful story, Buffalo surprised everyone by leaving the tape.

Although rumors of harassment began to be heard at that time, and some media also dared to mention the word "abuse," she was called to remain silent, and it would take several years before she decided to tell the truth.

"I have suffered bullying in my own flesh"Kalou was convicted of the #MeToo movement. His statement deserves a claim for damages to Darth and thus began the fictional couple from the courts as well as from the media.

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