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Capcom created the best remake in history

The release of Resident Evil 2 came in 1998, but I remember it yesterday. At first I was able to enjoy the PS1 version, but where I really spent hours and hours, I was on PC, a version that came later, but in return it offered an important Improve graphics quality,

Undoubtedly, Resident Evil 2 is one of the games I've enjoyed the most and I've done the most. In the PC version I ended all the stages and had to repeat to get the required ranges and unlock the secret characters Locke and tofu, and I also spent time in the road "Hirers".

There are many games that have marked my life as a player and Resident Evil 2, in my own qualities, one of them Its technical section is outdated, but at that time it was impressive. This, along with his story, his background, and gameplay turn him into one of the best franchise deliveries, and also one of the best games in the whole story.

Ada Wong in the 1998 game and a remake in 2019.

With that in mind, I'm sure you can understand why I was waiting for the remake of Resident Evil 2 with so much desireand why I was looking forward to sharing my analysis with you.

I had the opportunity to play both for the PS4 version and the PC version, so this analysis will have a common approach to history and gameplay, as both versions differ only at the technical level.

This plan will be centered around the PC version, although we will keep a special section to talk about it the peculiarities of the PS4 versionboth in graphic quality and in fluidity.

Now we are ready to begin. We return to Raccoon City, Are you ready to join us?

Graphic fixes

Resident Evil 2: Requirements, Configuration and Testing Equipment

As we said, we were able to release PC and PS4, so let's see the Resident Evil 2 requirements for both platforms.

The PS4 must have 24 GB free space, since you need to install Resident Evil 2 before you start playing. Once the installation is over, we're ready to start playing. The PC version supports the demo requirements. We enumerate them below to have them at hand:

Minimal requirements

  • Windows 7 64 bits.
  • CPU Core i5 4460 or AMD FX 6300.
  • 8 GB of RAM.
  • Graphics Card GTX 760 or Radeon R7 260X with 2GB.

Recommended requirements

  • Windows 7 64 bits.
  • CPU Core i7 3770 or AMD FX 9590.
  • 8 GB of RAM.
  • Graphics Card GTX 1060 3 GB or Radeon RX 480 GB.

The effects of lights and shadows are fantastic.

They are quite satisfying requirements and yes, because the game is pretty well optimized. Unless we deviate too much and do not meet the minimum requirements, we can enjoy uAn experience similar to that offered by PS4a console that moves the game into a resolution 1080p with a level of graph quality quite good, given its hardware limitations, although we will talk about this later.

Now we will see the equipment we used to analyze the PC version:

  • Ryzen 7 1800X processor with eight cores and sixteen threads at 4 GHz.
  • 32 GB (4 x 8 GB) RAM of G.SKILL Trident Z RGB at 2.933 MHz.
  • GIGABYTE AORUS GA-AX370-GAMING 5 motherboard with BIOS F23.
  • Cooling System Corsair Hydro Series H100i RGB Platinum.
  • Graphics Card GIGABYTE 980 TI G1 Gaming with 6 GB GDDR5 at 7.8 GHz and 1478 MHz GPU.
  • SSD Samsung Evo 850 500 GB (Operating System).
  • PCIe SSD NVMe Corsair Force Series MP510 960 GB (where we installed Resident Evil 2 Remake Demo).
  • SHDD Seagate 2 TB with 8GB SSD as a cache.
  • Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.
  • Corsair RM750x Power Supply with 80 Plus Gold Certificate.

Resident Evil 2 offers a wide variety of graphical options. We have already talked about this when we analyzed the demo and nothing changed. RE Engine is a graphics engine that consumes a large amount of graphics, but we should not worry because the experience is good even in configurations that exceed the maximum VRAM of our graphics card.

The setting is perfect.

In my case that I have GTX 980 TI with 6 GB GDDR5, I was able to enjoy Resident Evil 2, configured with maximum resolution 1080p, although 150% have been recalculated, which means that it is done 2,560 x 1,440 pixels and then adjust to show scenes in my monitor's natural resolution. This obviously increases the quality of the chart, but it also represents a greater use of resources.

As you can see from the image, the graphical memory consumption with which the game has this configuration is from 12,91 GB. You have to have problems, but the truth is that the gaming experience is perfect at all times: 60 stable FPS. However, I appreciate some "charging" at times, in which I had small falls, which were solved almost instantaneously. It has never happened to me in the middle of action, but rather in reaching certain areas.

One of the many scenes that were rethought.

Resident Evil 2: Innovations that respect the essence of classics

With Resident Evil 2 remake, the Capcom boys faced a very difficult task full update both technically and effectively maintaining the essence one of the best games in history. This is complicated, especially since they can no longer afford a license to maintain the use of fixed cameras or pre-made scenarios, as in Resident Evil 1 Remake.

Expectations were very high and Capcom did. At Resident Evil 2 This is a delight, so much that it looks good even with all the low quality settings, as you see in the video we accompany, courtesy of the CandyLand boys.

At the technical level everything in Resident Evil 2 is exceptional and forms one of the highest-quality games of the current generation. I'm not talking about talking, there are scenes and moments so incredible touch a photorealistic cover, and the characters are so detailed that in the first planes it is possible to even evaluate skin defects. The same is true for zombies, drone and other enemies who have such a perfect modeling that they come to give "bad vibes".

Modeling the characters and the quality of the textures are perfect, and the same is true of the effects of lights and shadows, two elements Capcom has been able to play perfectly to create a truly terrifying atmosphere in Resident Evil 2. The environment, the volumetric fog and the effects of the post-processing complete a graphic section that surprised me, although I must say that in this sense it also influenced caring for the details that Capcom has set Resident Evil 2.

For example, when a zombie bite or a liqueur hurt us with a claw our character is marked and reflects the resulting damage"With the enemies, this happens the same way, and the scenarios assess the effects of a battle, including the bullet holes, which fail to mark some of the nails when they fail to persecute us with their attacks.

Steps also tell stories.

This taste for details is also noticeable in other aspects, such as the dirt that the heroes accumulate when you are going through different scenarios and in the effects that water generates in clothes and hair. And how could I forget the pieces that Tofu lost when she suffered damage as if they had eaten it. Work that is worth mentioning.

Animations and physics also bordered on a high level and completed a virtually perfect technical part, especially if we take into account the level we can get from a low-level team.

I've never seen graphical errors or performance-level failures, except for the details I've quoted about these little moments of "charging". Experience is perfect with 60 stable FPS anytime

The inventory was designed with success.

History and gameplay: there are changes but successful

The story of a remake of Resident Evil 2 is essentially the same as the 1998 classic.I will not go into the details because I do not want to interpret the game to anyone, but everything that made the original great is present in this version and also all the characters because, as we expect, there is no lack of Hanka or Tofu.

Capcom keeps the base of the classic, but that does not mean the game will be the same, far from it. We have a camera "behind the shoulder" with fully 3D scenarios and a free targeting system, which is a bit of a bit of adaptation to what we've seen in games like Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5.

The shield indicates that we have additional damage resistance.

However, the mechanics are very similar. We can run and use a shortcut that we have an inventory that stops the game the same happens when the card is activated. There is no change in the essence of the objects or the use of medicinal herbs, except for novelty, and is that they now consume red grass along with green grass and blue not only cure us completely and cleans us from the "poison" effect but also reduces the damage we get for a short period of time.

That adds an important strategic touchbecause not only can we bet to use a combination of herbs of this kind when fighting bosses but it may also be useful to go through certain areas where there are many enemies and we do not want to lose ammunition.

The trainers are very difficult.

And if we talk about ammunition, it's a scarce commodity you need to know how to administer, unless you decide to play in easy mode. There are all the weapons of the game since 1998 and the parts for improvement are preserved, but an important element has been added that debuted in Resident Evil 3: gunpowder. Collecting gunpowder allows us to create weapons, rifles and magnums, depending on the quality of the gun and the combination we make. There is no mystery, but it is an interesting and useful addition as it gives us more freedom of choice. Do I have to create 12 bullets or three shells? you decide

The gameplay remains true to classics, although I must say that enemies are generally more dangerous. Dogs can be a nightmare if they manage to bypass you, the zombies are very aggressive and can withstand many shots and lickers are just terrifying. We must carefully deal with every place, try to predict what happens and use the scenario and the localized damage. The greatest danger posed by enemies is offset by the introduction of security features that we can use when they damage us, a system derived from Resident Evil 1 Remake, which is certainly a success.

Sometimes running is the best option.

In this sense, I want clarify some things: shots in the head cause the same injuries as shots to the body, but have the potential for critical strikes; Shooting with a zombie on his feet can make him crippled, which makes him a lesser threat and helps us save ammunition; and last but not least, lickers can not see us, so if we do not run or hit, they will not attack us.

If the game is too difficult to remember three tips:

  • We can use the knife to find out if the zombie is still alive and finish it.
  • Winning the back of a liqueur will help us kill him without suffering damage.
  • In many cases, the best option is to run and avoid.

If we go back to history, it is important to do something. Although the essence is the same, it develops in a slightly different way there are new moments as unique and emotionalI will not go into detail, but Capcom has done a great deal again in this regard.

The story has very intense moments. Attention to post-processing effects in this image.

Sound and duplication: lights and shadows

The sound coverage of Resident Evil 2 is excellent. Every footprint sounds different depending on where we are, the sound effects are huge and they contribute to generating a unique atmosphere and full immersion, and they can also give us occasional scares. Listening to a person who makes one's own room makes you reconsider whether you really need to go out and find the key you have in mind …

Music also works miracles, although it has been missed in some cases and as a whole Preference is given to sound effects which appear during most scenes, all to generate more realistic settings.

Ada has fantastic design and modeling, but duplication is not in harmony.

Resident Evil 2 is complete doubled to Castilian, something that is undoubtedly appreciated. The duplicating actors have done a good job, but the tone of voice that Ada Wong does not seem to be successful at all, Question about tastes, as they say, so I invite you to tell me your opinion on this aspect in the comments.

By making a general assessment, we can conclude that the sound part is generally Exclusive but not perfectMusic has less presence than we saw in the original, and there are scenes in which you can skip. The sound effects are superb, and duplication is not allowed quite well, especially for Ada Wong.

Resident Evil 2 on PS4: Excellent work

Resident Evil 2 for PS4 is also available An example of a well-done job. Everything we said relates directly to it, although obviously there are technical nuances that we will appreciate in this section.

Family …

Capcom decided to choose 1080p resolution and in general I have not seen any symptoms that indicate the use of scaling. There are no blur effects characteristic of cheap smoothing techniques that are used to rearrange, giving priority to performance versus graphics quality, and there are no remnants of graphic artefacts that are common in framing reconstruction when re-scaling.

The sharpness of the PS4 version of Resident Evil 2 is very good, and so is the quality of the graphics. A very decent version, considering the hardware of the PS4, although we should keep in mind that the frame rate in a second round between 40 and 50 average FPS, which influences the gameplay in certain cases, but does not interfere with the good experience in general.

As we have said, graphic quality sometimes borders on photorealism.

I know some will think that Capcom may have chosen to use synchronization at 30 FPS or reduce graphics quality and look for 60 stable FPS but the truth is that the decision to balance the graphic quality and maintain a mean score of 40 up to 50 FPS above what you would expect at the beginning. The fact that Resident Evil 2 is not a frantic action aidIt's obvious.

Concluding remarks: a remake that will go into history

Ladies first …

Expectations were through the roof. Capcom knew that I could not afford mistakes with a remake of Resident Evil 2, not only because he could lose all the investments he made, but also because he would tarnish the reputation of the franchise and eventually cut his strategy to continue processing his most famous titles.

The delays and secrecy that led us to the development of Resident Evil 2 began to think the worst, but ultimately the best predictions were met. At the technical level, Resident Evil 2 is a practical work of art. The modeling of characters and enemies is superb, the scenarios are very detailed and perfectly set, and the effects of lights and shadows associated with the effects of the postprocessor achieve what we are "photorealistic" level.

But the remake of Resident Evil 2 is more than a beautiful face. The gameplay is very carefulthe story and charisma of the characters meet all the expectations and feelings that are transmitted at any time are very positive. He hangs up, keeps you attached to the keyboard (or the command), and he also invites you to play again, thanks to both his routing and his two extra characters, Hunk and Tofu.

Resident Evil 2 not only meets expectations, but in some ways even surpassed my expectations. Essential.

Final evaluation


The remake of Resident Evil 2 is more than a sample of well-done work, this is an example of how the classics should be reworked. One of the best games of the current generation. Essential.

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