Saturday , June 12 2021

Capcom's zombies arrive on the small screen

It coincides with the release date of PC, PS4 and Xbox One from the remarkable remake of this cathedral horror of survival titled "Resident Evil 2," we just met news that will please the fans of the living dead as a whole, and Capcom's long-time video game in particular.

And according to Nelly Andreeva's report, exclusively for Deadline, the franchise "Resident Evil" is on the way to the small screen by the hand of nothing more and nothing less than Netflix; which are developing original series with film Konstantin, producers and distributors of cinematographic adaptations with the participation of Mila Yovovich.

Expanding the Universe

According to Andreeva, the plan of the series, which is currently looking for and catching a showrunner this would lead to a realization expand the universe of "Resident Evil" by taking advantage of your initial premise while examining the Umbrella footprints and the future of the world after the release of Virus-T; All of this, without forgetting the leitmotifs of the license – we hope to avoid counting and the laboratories they operate.

Good news comes to us once we know this Johannes Roberts, director of "A 47 Meters" and "Unknown: Night Hunt" write and direct the cinematic reboot of "Resident Evil"As a fan of Paul W.S.'s video game and films. Anderson, I do not complain that the saga continues to expand, with more productions, the better. We will see how the project is developing.


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