Monday , June 14 2021

Carlos Nair Manem appeared and destroyed Cecilia Bolocco: "We are rotten."

It seems that Menem's clan has begun the attack and the clashes between them become the news of the day. The context is related to statements made by him / her Cecilia Bolocco in connection with the complex health condition that affected his son Mximo Menem when he had a brain tumor surgery last November.

Due to the consequences of the raw words of the former Miss Universe, Zulemita talks about the issue and the news of the Perfil newspaper: "Zulemita Menem accuses Cecilia Boloko of hiding health information of Mximo Menem," is the media owner, the note became viral and 15- the year old went out at a crossroad: "Ah and Zulema Menem, if you see this, I will stop fucking, that's a lot, you crossed the line," he wrote at Instagram.

The answer has not been long, and the older daughter of the former president said, "I do not know where Cecilia wants to go, hiding this information, it is impossible to communicate with Bolocco, she does not answer my father's phone asking for health to your son. "I recognized" Involucrados "meditica and surprisingly, the family conflict continues to add more members: now it appears Carlos Nair Menem.

"Cecilia tells the truth, since the day of surgery, we went, you did not let us see it, Zulemita, not me, just Daddy." From there, we called the doctors everywhere, and they never had a medical report on the diagnosis. We are tense, it was the last message the famous person wrote in his Twitter profile. Recall that the comment is related to Boloko's words: Carlos is cheeky, was the phrase that previously mentioned lace.

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