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Carlos Tevez Shoots Guillermo Barroso Sergeant and Talks of "Disrespect" – 28.01.2019

It was clear that Guillermo Baros Syloto and Carlos Tevez had a complicated relationship during their stay in Boca. But what remained under the carpet until this Monday, Carlitos decided to let go, and Melisso was already in the US as a coach of Galaxy in Los Angeles.

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"There was a lot of disrespect", said Tevez, advising on how he spent his time with Guillermo as a coach when he was expelled from other options. While admitting that Mellizo's Boca's balance sheet is "good" and is one of the best coaches in his career, Apache explained: "I allowed things that maybe at another time and in another club that I would not allow To avoid conflict, I ate many things.

No one hesitated to see Mauro Zarate's arrival in the club have the sole purpose of marginalizing him. "I knew the inclusion had to get me out," he said. And he also condemned:If Guillermo followed the club, I would have left. I did not see another year in Boca if he continued.

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