Thursday , June 17 2021

Carmen Barberie: "How sad it is that your classmates have snapped you"

By decision of the proceedings, no member of the recently Together, love the magazine He is present last night on delivery Star Awards 2019, which was held at the Sheraton Hotel.

But the truth is that the job is mainly played Carmen Barberi and Santiago Ball, which was presented with great success at .tv Theater Neptune with address Fede Bal, he received the prize as the best magazine, And when the leaders of the event, Julián Labruna and Yamila Peraporo, have confirmed that there is no representative of the same to receive the prize.

– I just heard about a boss … How sad, is not it? let your classmates scoff at you. But hey, that's a problem for them, not for us. I love them and respect them all, "Carmen said Teleshow.

As far as we know, before the ceremony there would have been a meeting with the whole restaurant Guillermo Marinproducer of the work in which the staff would have been told that each of them was the owner of the decision to attend the award ceremony. But, unhappy with the trikes, they would eventually agree to make a breakthrough.

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