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Casa Rosada's reaction to Franco Macri's investigation: "No comment" – 12/10/2018

– There is zero reflection here"They escaped from an official in private lunch at noon the decision of Mauriceio Macri and the main members of the government on citing a questioning of his father Franco and his brother Gianfranco within the cause known as bribe notes. The silence was the answer in the first few hours after the appeal of federal judge Claudio Bonadio alleged illegal payments Occovi during the kirchnerismo to maintain concessions of the Autopistas del Sol, family business of the president.

"What I have to say?" It was a rhetorical question from officials and friends of the head of state avoid a statement about the origin of the cause. Macri also avoids talking when his cousin, Angelo Hilteterra, confesses Bonadio's payments for the funding of the 2013 and 2015 campaigns, although in those days he mentions in an act: "A Transparent State Serving the People , combat and prevention corruption ".

At that time the government went to the court complications of Calcaterra take a distance from the alleged intervention of Casa Rosada in the cause of handheld computers, before the denunciation of persecution formulated by former Kirchner employees. "What is happening is a huge change in Argentina, businessmen close to the president are represented in the Court. There is no impunity for anyone. This is the consensus to find that we have done Macri and I, "said Eliza Kario with the support speech at that time, and also when Bonadio demanded the exclusion of Christina Kirchner, important members of the government in order to separate themselves. Miguel Picketto's connections and the Peronist sectors with the federal judge.

From an ambitious relationship with his father, the head of state is involved in a cancellation scandal – then stopped by the government – on a debt with Correo Argentino SA, whose damage to the state would amount to 70 billion pesos. In this case, the president himself announced that the file was returned "to zero sheets" in order to avoid the rising political price.

"There are no comments to make", was another of the phrases to escape this afternoon at Casa Rosada. hunting horn he consulted with cabinet members and close associates of the president who tried to abolish the transcendental calling of Bonadio and referred to Franco Macri's advanced age and health problems: "It is impossible to declare"At that time, the President performed his last official activity with a subsequent meeting with Nicholas Duhovne in the Northern Hall.

In Park Norte, the elected members of the Makrismos, who attended the National Council of the Prosecutor's Office, also refrained from deepening the issue. "I am learning for you, I have no opinion"Horatio Rodriguez Larreta said," They are judgments of justice, "Patricia Bricic answered.

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