Sunday , January 24 2021

"Category and back", the two features that Boca's Riquelme of DT intend

Everything shows that Guillermo Barroso Selootto will not renew his contract and leave the Boca Technical Director at the end of the year.

Juan Roman Rykelme was asked who could be the heir if the twin did not stay in the institution and stressed that anyone who arrived should have two characteristics: "Category and vice versa".

"If Guirlermo does not want to go on, I do not know how many category and big backs are available to direct Boca", reflected Rykelme and explained that if he did not find a technician with these qualities, he would bet on someone with a Boca past.

"I think they should be players who were in the club, respecting what President (Daniel Angelci) will decide with the leaders and what Guillermo will do."

"We can call Martin (Palermo), (Sebastian) Bataglia, (Jose) Baualdo, I do not know if (Mauritius) Serna will have a map … He will have to be one of the boys who are in the club because they know him, "he added, and asked," You have to be calm and think about what needs to be improved. "

As for his abilities, Rykelme was clear: "I do not have a technical license, I do not know how long it takes … You have to be respected, I love my club, the Boka people love me and I owe him everything in the club. the best for the club … At one point, if I make the decision to do it … I get bigger and every time I think more, I'll see what decisions we make.

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