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Central intervention controls the rise of the dollar

The dollar rose 0.43% and closed at $ 46.20 on average for sale to the public, while the week's balance advanced 0.34%, while in the wholesale segment it rose 0.47% and ended at 45 dollars. , and rose by 0.44% in the week. The Central Bank also confirmed a slight reduction in the interest rate.

Thanks to the official custody that intervened in the futures market, the Argentine peso was one of the best currencies against the dollar's appreciation at the regional level, as the real lost 1.29%, the Colombian peso fell by 0.64. % and the Chilean peso lost 0.29%, according to Bloomberg.

According to the average value made by BCRA, the US dollar ended at $ 43.96 for the end of the purchase and $ 46.20 for the seller; although in the morning the dollar reached $ 46.26, in the middle of the day he lowered his profit to touch a floor of $ 46.19. At Banco Nación, the bank was operating at $ 46 and the highest price was reported on the Banco Galicia at a price of $ 46.50.

The US dollar, meanwhile, rose 21 cents to $ 45, while the week gained 20 cents.

The volume traded in the money segment was lower than the one on Thursday when it reached S739,114 million, and in the next Open Electronic Market (MAE), operations were recorded for $ 22 million.

On the money market between banks are managed 70%.

Analysts believe the rise in the dollar may have been higher than the downward movements of emerging currencies, as they highlight official futures market interventions.

"With foreign exchange swaps, $ 160 million has been agreed to take and / or to put money into pesos, using dollar purchases for next Monday and Tuesday," he said. Fernando Izzo, by ABC Mercado de Cambios.

"The devaluations of the other currencies against the US dollar did not have a significant influence at the local level due to the important official custody of the futures markets," he said. Gustavo Kintana, a PR Corredores de Cambio operator.

Christian Buteler, a financial analyst, highlighted the results of the Peso and said "its performance (s) is better than many of the currencies in the region, especially Brazil, where the dollar rises by 1.4%."

The increase came after a series of days in which the city of Buenos Aires was given a more calm climate in a week that began with the news that MSCI, which makes the indices used by international investors, announced after nine years Argentina's return to the category of emerging markets.

The monetary authority finalized the two daily auctions for liquidity letters, with the average daily rate of 71.476%, a slight decline compared to Thursday of 71.571%.

In the morning, the sum was $ 128.919 million, with an average of 71.464%.

In the afternoon, a total of $ 92,980 million was awarded an average of 71,493%.

The price increase on Friday came after Thursday after declining due to improved supply from the agro-export sector.

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