Wednesday , November 25 2020

Central receives Estudiantes in order to win after eight games – Telam

Rosario Central, who has the Argentine Cup final in his head and holds some start-ups, will receive today at 21:15 in the Giant de Arroyo the restored Estudiantes who come from equality in the visiting defense and justice objective.

The match for the 13th day of the Super League will be settled by Pablo Equivaire.

Edgardo Bausa's technical director of fools will keep defender Matthias Carrutzo and striker Fernando Zampardi with two injuries and doubts whether to include Chilean Alfonso Pato in muscle discomfort or to replace him with Elias Gomez in view of the Argentine Cup final on December 6th, ahead of the river winner and gymnastics.

Meanwhile, midfielder Nenchor Ortigosa will not play because he is suspended after his expulsion with 2: 1 against Atletico Tucuman and he will be replaced by young midfielder Pedro Ojdeda.

The 19th place with 12 points and eight games did not win in the Super League, which will try to return to victory against its people as a team consisting of a mix of starting and substitutions to which the Colombian defender Oscar will return heads and striker Marko Ruben, who recovered from separate tears.

On the other side will be the restored Estudiantes del Chinno, Leandro Benitez, who will not have two experienced players, midfielder Rodrigo Braña and striker Mariano Pavoun, expelled in the 65th minute, finishing the draw against Defensa and Usita Varela.

Young midfielder Franco Sveti will replace Chupu Brana, and Gata Fernandez or young Francis Apolazas will enter the Tank Pavoon.

= Possible formations =

Rosario Central: Jeremiah Ledesma; Gonzalo Betini, Marcello Ortiz, Oscar Cabezas and Alfonso Paot or Elias Gomez; Washington Camacho, Pedro Ogeda, Leonardo Gil and Federico Carizzo; Maximiliano Loverra and Marko Ruben. DR: Edgardo Bausa.

students: Mariano Andyouar; Facundo Sanchez, Jonathan Shunke, Fabian Nogueira and Fernando Evangelista; Naveel Estevez, Ivan Gumez, Franco Sieve and Lucas Rodriguez; Matthias Pellegrini and Gaston Fernandez or Francisco Apaolazza. DM: Leandro Benitez.

referee: Pablo Equivaire
stadium: Aroliot Grouch.
road: 21.15

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