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Cesar Milani: "I have never tortured, killed or kidnapped anyone in my life"

Without a handcuff and a military dress, Milani began his statement explaining at that time the findings of the Argentine army, so he thought the Tribunal was aware of the function, mission and scope of the 21-year-old second lieutenant brigade, a rank I had at that time.

"We receive orders through operating officers and company managers"Milani said, recalling that in the first act he was accused of, he was an officer."I could never leave the office in the early hours of the morning to go out and perform such operations"he added.

"Can Lieutenant Milani order the National Gendarmerie, the provincial police, the prison chief to stay in custody because it occurred to me?" Obviously, this is impossible, " Milani added, noting that "the police chief was a lieutenant colonel appointed by the commander of the army.

The former army chief also said that "I have a deep respect for all the military government's victimsI have a deep respect and they have my whole solidarity because I know what happened is missing, on torture, on torture. Now I want to express my solidarity with the Oliveira family. – The living microclimate, if I analyze it now, I say: what barbarity! We were terrified of the barracks attack. If a head of department has been attacked or taken to the barracks, it has cost him his career absolutely, "he said.

On the other hand, he stressed that "all the suffering of the Oliveira family ends where the suffering of the Milani family begins."

After a fourth interval, Milani told a personal story: "I want to tell you when I was a year old, in 1954 my father was stopped two age in Cordoba, because he is a candidate for counselor and mayor of Koskin. My father-in-law was arrested two years in Buenos Aires because he is a national MP from 45 to 55 with Peron. My father and the father-in-law spent their entire life in Peronism and were persecuted in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Will you talk about persecution? My family lived it".

"I have never tortured, murdered, kidnapped, deprived of one's freedom or committed any act that may be considered a violation of human rights, My Background family, ideological, personal, my life, my sacrifice in the army, and my loyalty to men and soldiers show it, "he said, concluding that"never in my life did I make a night-time procedure with soldiers in a violent way. I did not have the Nazi face. This was not my profile".

Finally, before the quarrels asked questions, Milani read a letter sent to her by the mothers of Place de Mayo Hebe de Bonaphne:Dear Caesar, thank you for the letter and the children and your granddaughter. Everything was a gift. I know that detention is not easy, but when a person is free as you, there are no walls. A big hug. Then a woman who witnessed the court summoned the ex-commander, and one of the magistrates threw her out of the room.

Before the start of the hearing, Claudio Avruj, the Secretary of Human Rights of the nation, recalled this "truth and justice is state policy and we can not look back the defendant's accusation to the accused".

"We are in La Rioja to accompany the applicant's relatives and lawyers to the Human Rights Secretariat. We want justice for the crimes of unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping and torture against Pedro Olivera and his son Ramon, Miguel Godo, and Cesar Minue, who are still losing", stressed the official representative.

Milan, detained in Campo de Mayo, was transferred this week to a flight to Aerolíneas Argentinas and in the middle of a strong security officer, a helicopter of the National Gendarmerie he took him to the 15th Mechanized Infantry Regiment where he stayed until he returned to Buenos Aires.

The trip was dismissed from the complaint that the military had to appear through videoconference. Marcello Mercado Luna, a lawyer for Olivera's family, said, "We opposed both his presence and the fact that he was placed in a regiment under the watch of the gendarmerie."

On the first day of the debate, which took place on May 3rd, they were heard Milan's defense arguments, which were rejected by the Court, with the exception of the transfer request of the detained person, which was adopted by the judiciary.

During the episodes he was accused of in the process, Milani served as Lieutenant at Batallón 141 in La Rioja and He is accused of having been involved in a kidnapping operation and then subjecting Olive Tree to torture.

For these facts, Milani is accused of crimes related to unlawful deprivation of grave freedom, illegal encroachment, aggravated torture and unlawful association.

This is not the only case of crimes against humanity before Milani: he is also being investigated for the disappearance of soldier Alberto Agapito Lidoin Tukumann in 1976, a fact that would make him face a second oral and public trial, which would then take place in this province, with the start date scheduled for September 12 next.

Two thirds will be added to these two oral tests and public trials this year alleged unlawful enrichmentThis investigation is already underway and soon the Federal Oral Court No. 7 will set its starting date.

Marsela Brizeula de Ledo, the mother of the missing soldier Alberto Agapito Lido, is sitting at the age of 88.

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