Thursday , January 21 2021

Chau WhatsApp: The application will have the Vacation Mode function

Continuously, WhatsApp includes new features. According to the case-file, the application includes the Vacation mode.

As the most popular messenger app, this is the favorite tool for friends, family, or colleagues trying to communicate. However, sometimes the number of messages that accumulate may be misleading. For this reason, apply the rest regime so that they can fully enjoy the places.

With the new feature, messages will not be visible when the application is opened, thus eliminating the temptation to open working groups or partners.

However, calls will be available if you manually log into the archived conversations folder.

According to the WaBeta technology site, the Vacation Mode mode implies that group chat is asleep, but the content is archived and can be accessed at any time.

It is also specified that in Vacation mode, archived calls will remain invisible to the user even when the notifications arrive.

At the same time, it was stressed that the user would be able to choose all the conversations he wants to stop seeing and where he does not want to receive backup notifications, knowing he will not see them again or know anything about them unless does not deactivate the mode, (

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