Thursday , January 21 2021

China Suarez regrets that he defended Juan Darts: "I ask for forgiveness of the heart"

At that time, when Calu Rayo condemned Juan Darts for harassment, there were several figures in the middle, men and women who came to protect the actor.

This is the case China Suarez, who today, in the light of a new and serious accusation against former Chief Hero Simona, it was repentance.

"Not only did I remember what I said a few years ago, but I also want the heart's forgiveness because I had doubted the sacrifice just because "I was respected with myself""We all have to learn and kill the mammoth we wear once and for all," says the actress.

It is worth remembering that at the time when Benjamin Vichu's current couple had said it "tower is one of the most respected companions I've had "and that" is a gentleman "and" not many of these species ", among other things.

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