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China Suarez responded to criticism of changing her appearance – 08.12.2018

Exposing the criticisms that celebrities have to social networks is constant, some overlook them, others decide to face and respond. This is the case with actress Evgenia "China" Suarez (26), who at the last hour shared photos and videos showing a daring and surprising change of appearance that was not well accepted by her followers and did not pause.

The actress was summoned The Thirteen to be part of a new fiction that Polka is preparing for 2019 where Rachel will play, a naive young Polish girl who will be a trafficked gang when she arrives in Argentina in 1930. To begin composing this hero, Benjamin Vikuana's partner (40) went through the hairdresser and made a surprising change in appearance.

She platinized her hair, cleared her eyebrows, and proudly displayed in social networks, and, as expected, the spirit of the comments on his new look was not long.


Evgenia "China" Suarez and her surprising new look.


Evgenia "China" Suarez showed the new and controversial view of social networks.


Evgenia "China" Suarez explained his radical change in social networks.

Thousands of different comments, some happy with Suarez's beauty, and others glorifying his courage, very surprised, not knowing that this radical change is related to the role that will be in this new fiction, while others directly criticize eyebrow interference : "Everything always looks good for her, but the eyebrows do not touch even less when you have it naturally," says a follower to whom Evgenia answers: "Guys, I'm an actress, the soul of the heroes, my goal is to prepare , not to be sweet. "

In the overproduction of Pol-ka, which will come down in the first time of El Trace in 2019, Suarez will have great calamities. Benjamin Vikuana (his partner and father of his daughter Magnolia), Gonzalo Heredia, Albert Bar (played the part of Joan in the Merli series). The story is written by Carolina Agir and Leandro Calderon and will be directed by Sebastian Piot and Martin Saban and is one of the most anticipated fiction.

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