Thursday , January 28 2021

China's Suarez mouth was operated? The actress shared a video and the fans noticed "something odd" in her face

on China Suarez She has one of the most beautiful faces on TV that there is no doubt. A few hours ago, however, he surprised himself with his radical change of appearance: a platinum blonde to the eyebrows! Play Rachel, his new fictional hero.

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However, in addition to the new coloration, some of the actress's followers noticed "something odd" in his face: did his mouth act?

China took advantage of the story of Instagram to break any suspicion of retouching: – I did not do anything in my mouth. I have differences because when I wake up, my face is swollen and I recorded the video there "he counted.

Then, ironic and a little affected to justify his decisions, he added: "Providing explanations …", then lift your brows upset.

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